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Yeah the answer to "who wants to make the effort" is "Anyone who likes pads that are actually wireless", "Anyone who wants their paid to still work in 10 years" and in the case of Sony users "Anyone who wants a battery life measure in multiple playsessions".

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After 14 pints of Tennents I’d imagine that would be quite the flow of piss - where did all that liquid go??? Presumably you would have been able to fill it up to the brim quite rapidly, so did it spill out from the top? Or leak out of other vents and make a big puddle on the floor?


We need more detail.


(I drunk-vomited in a cassette deck once, it never worked again. You’re very lucky if you’ve gotten away with it).

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13 hours ago, rafaqat said:

In the Ps5 thread we've got someone who doesn't remember ordering an Xbox or a PS5 and in here we've got someone pissing on their xbox. Both due to being absolutely shit faced.


Keep on shining rllmuk.  


Unruly Heroes (added October 29th, 2020) 


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23 hours ago, Billy Brown said:

I've updated it now and it works while plugged in, but wireless is still no go for some reason. Very odd.

The original Xbox one controllers were not Bluetooth-enabled so I suspect that's what the issue is, think the only way you'll be able to use it is plugged in. 



(apologies for breaking up the piss chat)

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