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Hah I tune in after 30 minutes to avoid the usual pre-waffle and its literally already over apart from some idiot changing his webcam backdrop.

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1 minute ago, Pavey said:

Cant work out if he is real, cgi, or has been to the same surgeon as Mickey Rourke?


he was so waxy, shiny & unrealistic looking I assumed he was a Naughty Dog animation sequence.

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Considering they nicked that fella from Nintendo, and literally from the Directs, you'd have thought they might have learned that it needs a little light and shade. There's some good stuff maybe, but it's all a bit dark and forced mature IMO.


The classic US woop and hollah approach is a bit OTT as well. It's trying so hard to be edgy, it's cringy. It's videogames, we all know it, embrace it. Have fun with it, don't be so bloody stereotypical.

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I’ve barely touched Xbox or PlayStation since Switch came out and this is why.


The graphics are nice to look at but this slavery to realism and seriousness is not why I play games.

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my thoughts



a) some good ideas for games there

b) expected faces to look better - saw nothing that I haven’t seen on current gen

c) gameplay. Where was it? That’s what has frustrated me. Basically a lie.

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2 minutes ago, Mr Combo Breaker said:

it's a bit worrying if the top man at Ubisoft Montreal doesn't know what gameplay is


If you've played any Assassins Creed game over the last ten years you'd immediately know the answer to that.

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