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2 hours ago, scoobysi said:

Would this, Forza Horizon and Dirt really sell any less if they took all that crap out?


I don't think so but Rider's Republic is actually worse than Horizon 4 was which is quite the achievement. God help us if Horizon 5 ups the stakes again in a few weeks.

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  • 4 weeks later...

I bought it, even after saying I would never buy it, and I hate myself a little bit more each time I turn it on.  One of my friends said it was good after the first few hours of bullshit, but I just can't bring myself to wade through that. I'm trying to get my son to play it for me, but even he can't be bothered.


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28 minutes ago, watusi said:

Did anyone actually buy this? I see it’s down to £32 on Amazon now which is vaguely tempting. 

I love Steep but didn’t take to this during the beta/free trial, it’s very similar but just a little worse everywhere, certainly not much improvement other than the ability to rewind. At some point I’ll play it but probably only when it comes to PS Plus or is very cheap.

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  • 2 months later...

fwiw, i enjoyed it for a while, it's alright... I completely hammered it for a week or two when it came out and then sold it... I've not missed it

it has some weird difficulty spikes, some of the disciplines are just dull (looking at you flying stuff) and the whole voice over thing has been done in this thread, I didn't mind it so much in this because it's clearly self-aware, which is something Forza Horizon isn't... 

As with all games nowadays, once you've rinsed the content, there's absolutely zero reason to keep playing.

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  • 7 months later...

I started playing this on Stadia because I am using the free Ubisoft pass and I am really loving it. I think my tolerance for the dudeisms has been tempered by the fact I started off playing Zen mode rather than campaign, and must have hammered that for a good four hours of fun before I remembered the campaign mode - this is where you can pick any ride at whim and explore the enormous map at your own speed…with the chill out station on it’s just lovely.


The races are flipping hard though…I don’t think I’ve managed better than 45 out of 50 or so in the mass races…

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