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Journeys Festival (online this year - and mostly free)

Lying Cat

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Hey guys,


In case you're interested, because of Covid, the annual Journeys Festival has been moved online this year - these are basically festivals celebrating the art and creativity of Asylum Seekers and Refugees across a whole host of mediums. They're usually held in Leicester (where I am!), Manchester and Portsmouth, but this year everything's being smushed into one big three week long ball of cool stuff online - and it all kicks off later in the month on September 28th.


I'm in the middle of scheduling everything on the Leicester City of Sanctuary Facebook page, and I've seen only one event that you'll need to pay to see and even then it's a suggested donation. I figured that there might be some people here who might be interested in this sort of thing so here a link to the main page: - 


Journeys Festival 2020


There's going to be art, and music and photography and discussions and talks and just loads of really interesting stuff, so you'll probably find something to entertain yourself with - and all from the comfort of your own home.



And just to pitch it, because I am doing a big schedule here, on our Facebook, please feel free to like our Facebook page and get all the info in a reasonable timeframe. Or don't! That's cool too.


Happy viewing!


edited notice - I'm not involved in running this, I'm raising awareness because I think it's important. If you end up buying any of the tickets that actually want to charge you, nothing goes to either me, or the charity I work for.


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