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One handed PS4 games, other than pocket pool


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So my thumb on my left hand has more wires in it than Arnold’s Terminator and it’s wrapped up in a cast. Obviously I could read books or draw but I’m a nerd and I don’t feel like it. Are there any PS4 games y’all know of that I can play with my right hand? If the worst comes to the worst I can dust off the joystick for some Elite and remap the controls away from the left thumb. It’s a long shot but cheers

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Divekick can be played with two buttons and no d-pad/stick, I suppose :P 


Nier Automata (or other Platinum action games) with a bunch of auto-assists on? FFXII Zodiac with gambits doing most of the work?


Or what @Siri said. The Persona games still get by fine with turn-based battles (although one-handed play might not work so well when exploring...) Also FFVIIR has a difficulty mode where realtime combat is automated; you just provide input during ATB moments...

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