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FFXVI announced - PS5 and PC

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On 17/09/2020 at 12:01, Ran said:

Looks pretty bland in the character department to me (again). Final Fantasy used to have interesting and weird races, characters with odd proportions/tails and actual colour. Now every installment looks like battle of the impossibly pretty humans with melodrama.

This is my problem with the trailer too. And as much as I loved XV, my biggest disappointment with it was also the very bland, unimaginative character designs (and while I grew to like them, their personal stories were fairly dull too if I'm honest to myself). The thing I used to really love about all the previous FF games were the interesting or otherworldly characters that would capture your imagination. I hope there is more of that in this game.

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On 29/10/2020 at 14:07, Keyboard Koala said:

There's a real Vagrant Story vibe here. Really looking forward to seeing more of this game. In 2024 :p

I wonder if Yasumi Matsuno will be involved at all, Yoshida is on record as saying Tactics Ogre played a big part in him wanting to be a games developer and wanting to work at Square-Enix and Matsuno has done some work with him on some of the content in FFXIV.

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