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Monster Hunter: Rise. Sunbreak confirmed for June 30th, 2022


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MEGA EDIT: Confirmed after the announcement just now.


Coming out March 26 next year. Following in the footsteps of Animal Crossing and Zelda BotW as the massive Q1 game for Switch.


Stories 2 is bound for Summer 2021.


Edit number 3: time to update this post after leaving it for way too long. Sunbreak has been confirmed to be launching June 30th, 2022. New trailer just below.



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3 hours ago, Doctor Shark said:

I love world, it's almost everything I ever wanted from monster hunter. Where it falls down for me is the monster variation. Too many Dinos, dragons and wyverns, not enough giant spiders, bugs or giant bunny bears and shit. 

Rise looks AMAZING in this respect. There was more colour on show in those 5 minutes than in the entirety of World. I thought I saw Great Wroggi for a second, and got excited for the cowboy armour, but it was just the new guy. Still ... DAY ONE!

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Yeah, Nintendo is seriously starting to get on my nerves with all these store-exclusive releases.




Uses the excellent RE Engine apparently.



Monster Hunter Rise is an all-new Monster Hunter experience developed for the Nintendo Switch. The game provides a completely fresh take on the hunting experience through new mechanics such as the wirebug, a wire-based grappling action that allows players to traverse dangerous or rocky terrain at high speeds, as well as with the debut of new hunting partners called palamutes. The game is currently being developed with Capcom’s proprietary RE Engine in order to provide a new, approachable Monster Hunter experience that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere and with anyone. 



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Few more details:


– Built upon the idea of seamless exploration of Monster Hunter World
– Players and monsters can move between areas without loading screens
– More creatures will be shown in the coming months
– There will be more free content after launch
– Using RE Engine
– Targeting 30 frames per second
– Traditional but fresh Monster Hunter experience
– Retains all of the DNA of the Monster Hunter series
– Not a spin-off title, but a main series game
– The Monster Hunter team is more interested in naming the products in a way that represents what they have to offer, hence they didn't number it

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14 minutes ago, Keyboard Koala said:

The Monster Hunter team is more interested in naming the products in a way that represents what they have to offer, hence they didn't number it

Might sound strange to talk about preference in terms of naming conventions but I prefer what they’ve done with the last 3 mainline titles now as opposed to boring numbered entries.


Generations -> featuring content from all the years of MH so far.

World -> One big seamless map to give it a more open world feel.

Rise -> Verticality & Mobility being a big focus.

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