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No I didn't check to see if this was mentioned elsewhere.

Due for release on 1st October. This is a long-available free local multiplayer PC game, which is getting rollback netcode for online multiplayer as a Steam release.


Come see me in FOOTSIES, or just post your footsies memes below. First to post a Mike Ross gif gets read and appropriately whiff-punished. Unless I do it first because I'm the best.

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3 hours ago, JohnC said:

WTF is rollback?

Imagine you’re playing a fighting game online and you press an attack button, but that press hasn’t registered across the network for both players’ games yet. To compensate and maintain a smooth experience, the game will run a simulation of expected events until the network identifies that button press happening, at which point it will “roll back” to when it was pressed, and the attack will come out. The below gif shows both players pushing a button on frame 1, but one player's game doesn't "find" the button press until three frames later:




The old solution to fighting game netcode was the “delay based” system, where you’d get a small delay while it finds the inputs, so there would be little pauses as you play - not great in a genre like fighting games, where timing matters. :) Rollback looks like a series of mini rewinds and corrections - it’s “smoother” but can look messy with bad connections.

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FOOTSIES is now out on Steam.



- fun game which focuses on the most fundamental of fighting game fundamentals

- it's by that hifight person who seems to be responsible for every fighting game tweet I ever read



- it costs £2.89 and will probably last you about as long as that cup of coffee

- not even I bought it (yet)


But if any of you want to give it a go then I'll consider donating half my online poker fortune to the cause. Come find me on Steam.

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