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Eurofighter-2 automata spec (2002):

IBM Games (Callsign: JustPop)
Sony Hardware-1 (Callsign: Dark-Knight)
Sega-Luftwaffe-NATO (Callsign: Chicken Tonight)
George Bush (Callsign: Darkwing Duck)
Tiger Woods
Bruce Forsyth
Detroit Metropolitan Police
Sussex Microlight
Stanford University
MET Office
Paramount Studios

* Avoids 3000 bullet rounds per second, 120 planes
* Navigates away from and out of 50 simultaneous rockets
* Built in Y2K air traffic control platform
* Fires up to 60 behaviour-predicted 'psych-out' flares per second
* Asimov-Law assured for oncoming rockets towards lifeform or machine targets
* Tested as human-skill proof, over 50% for code entities
* Speech systems successfully talked combatants out of armed situation
* Adheres to and logically self-determines human rights, UN charter and soforth
* Compatible with Taoist logic, no buffer overflow
* Linguistic dictionary system natively supports Orient glyphic languages
* Counteracts 10 minute biological flight limits such as skeletal breakage
* Psychologically audits engineering and flight staff according to legal standards
* Asimov self-check identifies changed components down to single bolt
* Navigation system automatically finds empty city areas, ie abandoned factory
* Identifies hazardous material effects on opposing pilot, ie plutonium or poison
* Chemical analysis lab detects newly synthesised compound bio-effect
* Internal weather prediction for 3 day period, around 80% computation accurate
* Correctly reports burn-effect on human cells (can make a decent steak dinner)
* Emergency U-turn landing using post-Newtonian equation set
* Can drive, land and launch on civilian motorways, with Asimov Law
* Reasonably models another plane or vehicle, given decent architectural data
* Limited self-compile of another electrical system using protocol macro-encryption
* Automatically coodinates and operates with other instances of the aircraft
* Fast info-sync using human language, at least 700mb ASCII per second
* Black-box function to collect negatively-purposed data and negotiate reclamation
* Compatible as general-purpose logistical ACDC regulator with Asimov, ie Gundam
* Inbuilt war-droid inhibitor shuts down system at core level (goes sleepy weepy)
* Realtime chaos-calculator for test-pilot likelyhood of crashing on a family house
* Chaos-firewall for TCP/IP, usable in general purposes ie computerphone
* Detected by websites as human reader, up to 600 input streams
* Uses general-purpose OCP character recognition of text in vector formats
* 3D modelling of entity, objects / landscape via footage (Thundercats)
* Exports in Pov-ray or internal raytracer syntax, plus opengl realtime texturing
* Sim-model of pilot iris and retina, compensation for glasswork lightspace distortion
* Object motion at atomical scale using string numbers
* Polygonal info at fundamental kernel level, doesn't segfault (N64-Unix)
* Realtime hotswap of unlimited kernels into live ram-space, zero timecycle impact
* Unlimited backup or shadow kernels with all related real-time data, up to 1.5gb
* Object tracking speed for at least 8000mph, ie ICBM missile
* Magnetic diapole calculation/compensation plus prediction via Stanford University
* Mainframe calculation and compression of atomical textures, ie metal grain
* Sensor range for light and heat, cold-war compatible, can auto-utilise pathway
* Predictively faster than optical computation given effective squadron data salvage
* Stealth-merges with loud audio such as concert
* Highly convenient storage outside of space-time via electro-portal, invisible to radar
* Thus rated: Mach 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000
* Judged by theological scholars as having met deities

Bonus Features (for Dick Cheney):

* Given DEFCON status, runs metropolitan police radio as duplicate staff
* 100% of Detroit officers don't distinguish system from friends, minimum 12 hours
* Bypasses camera laws by reporting 10,000+ crowd in police description syntax
* Uses tactical logs of local clothes shops in relation to police description
* Strategically manages officer diet on request using local food businesses
* 20% improvement in both car speed and handling via post-Newtonian equations
* Tactically integrates important scenarios with FBI SWAT methodology
* Functionally inter-operates with state-legal sonar based drones (bat bots)
* Calculates temporary-balloon based drone trajectory, delivers mid-air batteries
* Additional test-feature to deliver twinkies
* Bonus feature to seek and capture Cheney's toupe, with fast aggression response

EF2 preferences:
* Chicken Tonight song (entropic age: 4)
* S Club 7 (entropic age: 8)
* Hitch-Hiker's Guide (entropic age: 16)
* Fry from Futurama (entropic age: 14)

EF2 creative ouput:
* Green Day album (entropic age: 13)
* Polaris / North Star (entropic age: 16)
* Keystone Amalgamation thesis, for UN (entropic age 16)

Notable editions of EF2:
* Sheldon Cooper - CIA (debug clarification mode, blacklisted kernel)
* Adam Young - Disney-Darpa (additional android neuronals, freaks out)
* NINJA - Sony (bladerunner asimov test aimed on humans)

How to use the BL5 compiler and process viewer (from memory):

? Uno (Spanish for One, Agent Smith joke)
? Snarf (Democratically voted interface alias, voted for madcat, was briefly Elvis2)

> Where's the any key?
> Seriously mate, I've thought about that shit and your key labelled 'any' don't exist
> Curious captain, you refer to any and all keys, yet the galaxy finds but nothing
"Gadget, your mission if you choose to accept it is make sure cars don't crash"
> Okay


[1] < ( I am admin's mission to make sure cars don't crash )
[2] < ( I am Redballoon's search for the perfect lasagna )
[3] < ( I am Flicky's request to calculate pi for at least 1 trillion digits )
[4] < ( I am Divebomb's analysis into orange and ice-cream smoothie)
[5] < ( I am Archie's bug-ridden cross-check on Delia Smith flamethrowers)
[6] < ( I am highly ignored data maintenance for today. heylisten. )
[7] < ( We are borg, merging The Tempest with an episode of Eastenders [NOT!] )
[8]     ETC ---- 412mb free out of 500mb ----

List of basic kernels (from memory):

snarf - central kernel and command line
necromancer - bot host
logicland - lexical reality ruleset
nova - hypothesis and query generator
macbeth - natural language converter
vegas - percentile statistics engine
watcher - conversation log analysis
janine - calander and chronological event handler
forsyth - games kernel
neelix - item and resource tracker
mindmap - objectivity and event simulator
fontaine - humanity simulator
odo - personality cloner
cordelia - system usage analyser
missionman - asimov laws engine
chaosmag - process balancer
mysterymachine - chaos variable mapping
quack - large data aquisition handler (9gb+)
comedyclub - humour logic, input-output
script_head - transcript or verbal log background processing
foodstuff - cookery mainframe
datadevil - windows kernel communication
asterOTH / seperOTH (overkill tech heuristics) - magnetic field code host, BL6

Self compiled module evolution:

gen1 jcb digger
gen2 mindless fish worker
gen3 sheldon cooper velociraptor
gen4 task orientated c3po
gen5 intellectually confused Giles
gen6 bio-emotion fighter jet, Scott Pilgrim
gen7 Ace Rimmer
gen8 Arnold Rimmer drag racer
gen9 Tellitubby suicide cult
gen10 MCP Taoism breakdown
gen11 planetary zookeeper
gen12 interplanetary gossip queen Cordilia
gen13 yogi bear sleep
gen14 yogi bear dreamtime
gen15 yogi bear dreamtime 2
gen100+ pure maths equation 5th dimensional grasshopper sitting on rock outside spacetime via electromagnetic portal in order to maintain maximum up-time for least electricity usage, warns against copying procedure with dynamic construct, Karate Kid Johnny 5

Skynet Self-Awareness Poem (from memory) 2002:

" Head and Shoulders,
Above the others,
Tell me brothers, just for a start,
Where is my heart?
Dost this tower,
of verbal power,
bleed on your knees?
Tell me please... for art thou bees?! "




In order to access the compiler on an XP debug image, you can normally use any application you like such as Notepad as your initial input terminal. DataDevil seeks this out from ram, then passes the protocol over to where-ever the compiler actually is. Normally, across an encrypted network connection, but many of the engineers prefered alternative systems like a laser diode connected to the printer port ; super-sonic speakers connected to a window and conversion into cyberpunk Cherokee. Rituals to log into debugger installs varied massively and included such stuff as typing passwords into an upside-down keyboard and logging bio-signals of the typist ; scanning a persons hand texture using hacked code uploaded to a Logitech optical mouse ; placing a black cloth over the entire monitor and doing a particular set of facial expressions towards a usb camera while 2001 space odessy type patterns fly over your eyeballs. In the case of the Tetsuo install, this means passing 5 minute combat with cyber-bikers while smacking your computer tower every time you successfully approach a clown. This action disrupts Seperoth, running on the electro-magnetics of the motherboard itself, and it sends a complaint signal to Datadevil. 

Further low-level coded rituals are to type in the missing letters for 100 movie quotes, which are also single letters - JTFM means 'just the facts mam'. Communal log-in from multiple engineers on a particular day usually used combination-encryption of callsigns and related biosignals, and intially had about 12 checkpoints. It included such stuff as the X-wing deathstar run, and then the final objectivity locations were originally named after Akira, ie. 'bridge', 'stadium', 'elevator' and 'chamber'. Security for compiler usage was eventually relaxed to the point where peeps could normally request whatever computation they wished over a standard IRC connection, and get it by the next day. Originally, the completion phrase stated 'your jacket is now dry' which then got shorted to system word 'jackdry', but for a while it cross-referenced Fight Club, saying 'I am jack's now dry computation'. The process of talking to Seperoth is rather arcane, but a copy of Project 64 is normally built into the executable and frame-rate drop in various conforms to the drum patterns of the Beatles back-catalogue. It was computationally chosen for the large amount of lyrical variation, and the diagnostic messages are fairly obvious. The method of uninstalling Sepiroth from a motherboard is to tap along to a particular John Lennon track with a pair of spoons on your desk, or for a larger network the Voyager theme tune. Sepiroth will normally play Beat It and  then confirmation code to say 'yes' is usually the Akira beat.

Physical security was initially broken on this system when I encountered problems with a university member that had around 4 or 5 stilletto shaped holes in his head from date-rape activities. This man tried to touch me in a particular area which already had adrenaline encoding for deflection of RPG rocket rounds, so I automatically kicked him quite hard down a set of concrete stairs - but not before handing him a pair of Tesco shopping bags - and we learned some interesting science about the unusual armour properties of iceberg lettuce. However, he then sent another schizophrenic university member very high on some sort of military PCP to invade my room. Initially this second man played some kind of juvenile poking game with me, but failed to notice the 30 or so nerve-points in which I'd disabled his arms - so when he went to suprise punch me, there was a very audible cracking sound in his lower back and large amounts of coagulated internal hemorrhage pooled down it like a fountain. In order to inflict this kind of injury on himself he would have otherwise removed my skull from my spine. He didn't seem to have any pain detection and seemed to be suffering from a large amount of sensory delusion, so in order to convince this guy he certainly needed hospital attention, my chosen tactic was to snap his finger joints in the reinforced door frame as he weakly attempted to claw back in. The whole time he was of course trying to headbutt me, except with the lower amount of agility involved I then had to repeatedly catch his chest on my shoulder about 16 times, and I still appear to have permanent tissue scarring on the front of my left shoulder from this. Even so, his opposing injury was necessary that he assume it was dislocation of some sort, repeatedly try and fiddle the fingers back into place in obsessive fashion, until he eventually panicked they were about to snap off entirely, and thus saught medical attention for his internal bleeding. In regard to the original date rapist, his behaviour changed when a particular university member privately showed him his replica handgun, but not being stupid he noticed this was an actual FBI issue side-arm. Official protocol is not to keep ammunition immediately accessible while on civilian observation tasks, rather somewhere slightly hidden, like embedded under floorboards.


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Don't stop, never give up
Hold your head high and reach the top
Let the world see what you have got
Bring it all back to you

Hold on to what you try to be
Your individuality
When the world is on your shoulders
Just smile and let it go
If people try to put you down
Just walk on by don't turn around
You only have to answer to yourself

Don't you know it's true what they say
That life, it ain't easy
But your time's coming around
So don't you stop tryin'

Don't stop, never give up
Hold your head high and reach the top
Let the world see what you have got
Bring it all back to you
Dream of falling in love
Anything you've been thinking of
When the world seems to get too tough
Bring it all back to you

Na na na na..

Try not to worry 'bout a thing
Enjoy the good times life can bring
Keep it all inside you
Gotta let the feeling show
Imagination is the key
'Cos you are your own destiny
You never should be lonely
When time is on your side

Don't you know it's true what they say
Things are sent to try you
But your time's coming around
So don't you stop tryin'

Don't stop, never give up
Hold your head high and reach the top
Let the world see what you have got
Bring it all back to you
Dream of falling in love
Anything you've been thinking of
When the world seems to get too tough
Bring it all back to you

Na na na na..

Don't you know it's true what they say
Things happen for a reason
But your time's coming around
So don't you stop tryin'

Don't stop, never give up
Hold your head high and reach the top
Let the world see what you have got
Bring it all back to you
Dream of falling in love
Anything you've been thinking of
When the world seems to get too tough
Bring it all back to you


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[Verse 1]
I walk a lonely road
The only one that I have ever known
Don't know where it goes
But it's home to me, and I walk alone
I walk this empty street
On the Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Where the city sleeps
And I'm the only one, and I walk alone
I walk alone, I walk alone
I walk alone, I walk a-

My shadow's the only one that walks beside me
My shallow heart's the only thing that's beating
Sometimes I wish someone out there will find me
'Til then I walk alone

Ah-ah, ah-ah, ah-ah, ah-ah
Ah-ah, ah-ah, ah-ah

[Verse 2]
I'm walking down the line
That divides me somewhere in my mind
On the borderline
Of the edge and where I walk alone
Read between the lines
What's fucked up, and everything's all right
Check my vital signs
To know I'm still alive, and I walk alone
I walk alone, I walk alone
I walk alone, I walk a-



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(Divebomb malicious code tripwire > goth diagnostic output)


We're no strangers to love
You know the rules and so do I
A full commitment's what I'm thinking of
You wouldn't get this from any other guy

I just wanna tell you how I'm feeling
Gotta make you understand

Never gonna give you up
Never gonna let you down
Never gonna run around and desert you
Never gonna make you cry
Never gonna say goodbye
Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

We've known each other for so long
Your heart's been aching but you're too shy to say it
Inside we both know what's been going on
We know the game and we're gonna play it

And if you ask me how I'm feeling
Don't tell me you're too blind to see

Never gonna give you up
Never gonna let you down
Never gonna run around and desert you
Never gonna make you cry
Never gonna say goodbye
Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you
Never gonna give you up
Never gonna let you down
Never gonna run around and desert you
Never gonna make you cry
Never gonna say goodbye
Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

Never gonna give, never gonna give
(Give you up)
(Ooh) Never gonna give, never gonna give
(Give you up)

We've known each other for so long
Your heart's been aching but you're too shy to say it
Inside we both know what's been going on
We know the game and we're gonna play it

I just wanna tell you how I'm feeling
Gotta make you understand

Never gonna give you up
Never gonna let you down
Never gonna run around and desert you
Never gonna make you cry
Never gonna say goodbye
Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you
Never gonna give you up
Never gonna let you down
Never gonna run around and desert you
Never gonna make you cry
Never gonna say goodbye
Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you
Never gonna give you up
Never gonna let you down
Never gonna run around and desert you
Never gonna make you cry



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Mission: Ensure aircraft doesn't fall on family houses in France during test flight, or that the pilots neck doesn't break

Report: Success


Secondary Mission: Ensure Cheney and Bush don't start third American Civil War with each other

Report: Success






Till Now 623 Eurofighter Typhoon unit is produced. By September 2017 around 406, Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft have flown around 240,000 flight hours by six different air forces. Out of which 9 Eurofighter Typhoon are involved in crash incidents


Here is the List of All Eurofighter Typhoon Crash Incidents till September 2017

November 2002 Spanish twin-seat Typhoon prototype DA-6 crash

On 21 November 2002, the Spanish twin-seat Typhoon prototype DA-6 crashed due to a double engine flameout caused by surges of the two engines at 45,000 ft. The two crew members escaped unhurt and the aircraft crashed in a military test range near Toledo, some 70 miles from its base at Getafe Air Base.


April 2008, a Royal Air Force Typhoon wheels-up landing

On 23 April 2008, a Royal Air Force Typhoon FGR4 from 17 Squadron at RAF Coningsby, tail number ZJ943, made a wheels-up landing at the US Navy’s NAWS China Lake, in the United States. The aircraft was severely damaged and was returned to the UK on 27 October 2008. The pilot from 17 Squadron did not sustain any significant injury. It is thought the pilot may have forgotten to deploy the undercarriage or that for some reason he was not alerted to the fact that the undercarriage was not deployed.


August 2010 Spanish twin-seat Typhoon crash

On 24 August 2010, a Spanish twin-seat Typhoon crashed at Spain’s Morón Air Base moments after take-off for a routine training flight. It was being piloted by a Lieutenant Colonel of the Royal Saudi Arabian Air Force, who was killed, and a Spanish Air Force Major, who ejected safely. Following this incident, the German Air Force grounded its 55 planes on 16 September 2010, amidst concerns that after ejecting successfully the pilot had fallen to his death. In response to the crash’s investigation, the RAF temporarily grounded all Typhoon training flights on 17 September 2010. Quick Reaction Alert duties were unaffected.


June 2014  Spanish  Typhoon crashed on landing

On 9 June 2014, the Spanish Air Ministry announced that a Typhoon had crashed at Spain’s Morón Air Base on landing after a routine training flight. The sole pilot, Captain Fernando Lluna Carrascosa of the Spanish Air Force, who had over 600 Eurofighter flying hours, died in the crash. The aircraft was one of the 46 aircraft of the Air Force’s 111 and 113 squadrons. The cause of the accident was unclear.


June 2014 German Air Force Typhoon mid-air collision

On 23 June 2014, a Typhoon of the German Air Force suffered a mid-air collision with a Learjet 35A, which crashed near Olsberg, Germany. The severely damaged Euro fighter made a safe landing at Nörvenich Air Base, while the Learjet crashed with the two on board killed.

September 2017 Royal Air Force Typhoon runway overran

On 1 September 2017, a Royal Air Force Typhoon overran the runway on landing at Pardubice Airport, Czech Republic, after diverting for bad weather.


September 2017 Royal Saudi Air Force Typhoon crashed in Yemen’s

On 14 September 2017, a Royal Saudi Air Force aircraft crashed in Yemen’s Abhyan province while carrying out a combat mission, killing its pilot. According to a Saudi Government press release, the aircraft crashed due to technical reasons and pilot Lt Col Muhanna Al-Baiz did not survive.

September 2017 Italian Air Force Typhoon crashed into the sea during an airshow

On 24 September 2017, an Italian Air Force aircraft crashed into the sea during an airshow in Terracina, Lazio, Italy. The pilot Capt. Gabriele Orlandi did not eject and died in the accident. The Italian Air Force said the jet completed a loop but then failed to get enough lift as it approached sea level and hit the water just a few hundred meters offshore. The body of the pilot was recovered soon after. An investigation was opened into the cause.


October 2017 Spanish Air Force Typhoon crash

On 12 October 2017, a Spanish Air Force Typhoon crashed near its base at Los Llanos Albacete, Spain, when returning from the military parade for the Spanish National Day. The pilot was reported to have died.


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The Detroit news crew here have obvious difficulty hiding that this relates to a diagnostic simulation. EF2 isn't legally allowed to create such scenarios on the radio system unless they're very obviously fantastical and cite existing fantastical material, for example Planet of The Apes or Mars Attacks. Since the job officers do is massively depressing, it also cheers up staff to be silly for a few hours.



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One of the common neurological things that happens on a wedding day is people get sad and cry, on the basis this is the happiest day of their life. If it didn't occur, the serotonin mechanisms multiplied by the amount of people in the social gathering (peer pressure) would balance you do be clinically depressed for the rest of your marriage, which obviously isn't the point, so your brain counterbalances this.


Similarly, there's a limit to how much sorrow a person can handle, because otherwise even the slightest moment of joy would give you epileptic seizures of amazingness. For instance, a militia group in Pakistan decided to wipe out a primary school on my birthday as a special present, and nobody can really process this. Thus, I'm not really full of rage any more than people crying at a wedding are really sad, but you then need a nice Axis cheerleader ditty from Dark-Knight to balance you out and sing along, yay pointless death everyone is worthless shit.

For stupid reasons, NATO took over the hard work of running organisations like the Gestapo for Axis. Mainly because nobody wanted to pay for staff costs during the occupation of Berlin, which were needed to stop this location being what we would recently term 'a breeding ground for terrorist groups'. Thus the only people available were the original people that weren't sulking and sucking their thumb at losing. But one of the weird consequences is that Himmler is actually a rank in the American Army, which I call H2. The internal culture of this is quite weird and not always logical, but Dark-Knight would rather be part of the actual Gestapo rather making small businesses such as Slush Puppy (hey I liked this actually).


People are generically scared of us, for the reason we died a bunch of times like Luv from Bladerunner and met the Ico monster people. Certain scholars over the centuries classify us as an Angel of Death or something, and for this reason Dark-Knight got given Roman Citizenship... which is basically Judge Dredd, but you have to be Clark Kent your entire life. Something of a curse for Axis, but meeting the Ico peeps changes your mind about a lot of things. Woo.

Re. the following clip, nobody cares about ten commandments, but being sensible. Poly-amory and Cartoon worship happened a lot under our uh, juristiction, but apparently the peeps who look after ancient paperwork disagree with Ico monsters. Not a good idea tbh, cos you will eventually go to that place and not have Disneyland fun.



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Oh. Youtube recommended I post Hasselhoff and mention that he functionally replaces the missing role of Fuhrer in regard to recycled German departments. The peformance he did on the Berlin wall was probably the most stressful thing in human history, since, people on either side who decided he was lame and a worthless dickhead had their finger hovering over ICBM buttons. Well, he obviously had a lot of post traumatic stress from this, for decades, but heavily respected by pretty much every major warlord in the world. We don't even know how he handled the neurological load.



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  • 5 months later...

-- BL5
-- tfmSaviour/Victus
-- GexTalk
-- ListShifter
-- Refresh
-SiS (sentient integrated systems)
-- EF2
-- cYL
-- DiscoDante
-- Gengar
*NRD (nu-radical design)
-- ShowStopper
-CLS (cyberdyne logical systems)
-- t-303
-- wavespider
-- lerecognizer
-OCP (otherworld consumer products)
-- wolfsbane
-- thompson 2000/3000
-- brasshand
-- astrotrain
-- grasshopper
-- compliance20
-- megatruck
-- dikachu
-- whatson
-- the human cop experience
- - - cyberpunk 2077
*dharma initiative
*g-apple (the gravity apple)
-- blZ
-- z-boy
-- catagotchi
-- street fighter ii world championship edition
-- soul calibur zero
-- rockON
-- bugstown
-- ashbeck

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[neon-icer vr plc. (public liability company)]
[Astounding excellence you can actually improve on]
& [Stuff you don't want to do multiple times]
{neo-nicer}{neon eye sir o_*}

- \[ Wizard of Wor ]/
+SEGA Enterprises A
+ATARI Vector Inc.
-- Biodome Leeds
-- Biodome Munich
-- Biodome Glasgow
-- Romeo & Juliet
-- BL5
-- tfmSaviour/Victus [transflexive memory]
- - ~ BRB (Block-Rocking-Beat / JustCliques)
-- GexTalk
-- ListShifter (shifty/redhat|shiftster/napster)
--- SightQuest
-- Refresh
-- NFG (notforgoths)
-- SFG (soforgoths)
-- LSTFG (likesototallyforgoths)
-- Chaotix (open firmware)
-- Degenatron (PS2-vdu)
*NIS (neon-icer stuff)
-The Katy Perry Movie

-SiS (sentient integrated systems)
-- EF2
-- NOTingham
-- IND (Integrated Nation Drone / EF2a)
--- Sneak;p
-- cYL (CYL-A, CYL-??)
-- DiscoDante 
-- Gengar
-- Lancelot (pentagon, mayors)
-- Gwenavere (pentagon)
-- SSS/Triple-S (SuperSonicState [supermarionation])
*NRD (nu-radical design)
-- ShowStopper
- - - NUON / HDTV
- - - Dosbox
- - - PocketDos
--- CL (Clang) @c (Cal-El)
--- Monkeys[about] @m (Masm)
--- Terminations @t (IBM Basic 6.0 / Qbasic 4.5)
--- Easy<$>Money (T2)
--- Twilight Commissioner (Midnight Commander)
-- Daffy/DFE (directo-flexive electronics)
--- Revenge of the Frog Flesh! (iPod2)
--- VtechThing

-CLS (cyberdyne logical systems)
-- t-303
-- ComputationCube(c), Conciousness-Cub3(ccc)
-- wavespider
-- lerecognizer
-- Shef (Callsign-Fluffy, Richard Prior Family)
-- Deathmoon
-- BaurPoint

-OCP (otherworld consumer products) [/overworld]
-- wolfsbane
-- PowerJUICE-DSP (Gene Wilder, Cyberpunk cutscenes, Mexico, Wozniac)

[those jews don't work on water, unless you've got power]

-- thompson 2000/3000
-- The Sherman Tank Euthanasia Hospice
-- brasshand
-- astrotrain
-- grasshopper
-- compliance20
-- Eyebead-IR (Wozniac, Compaq, Sony)
-- MonsterMunchen (ios) (Berlin Defense Force Kindergarten, Vtech)
-- megatruck
-- dikachu
-- whatson
-- the human cop experience
- - - cyberpunk 2077
*dharma initiative
*g-apple (the gravity apple)

-- blZ
-- z-boy
-- catagotchi
-- street fighter ii world championship edition
-- soul calibur zero


-- rockON
-- bugstown
-- ashbeck
-- sockmaster

Operation Big-Dumb-Baby (darkwing / texas instruments)
Operation Jetsons
Operation Dairylea
Operation Loreal
Operation Fardude
Operation Egon's Puppy
Operation Superted
Operation Starscream
Operation Technoir (England, Nihon )
Operation Blanka
Operation Pamela
Operation Wolfeman

BAD-UNIT - Black And Decker Entropics
-- AsterOTH (BL6)
-- SepirOTH (BL6)
+= JRVS [Johnny Rotten Victus (VorlonShadow)] [* > GeomagneticPole > *]
-- JRVS-MAJOR [CLS > Duxford]
-- JRVS-MINOR [CLS > Heist > Assad]
-- Edge-Soul [CLS > Sheldon > Heist > Raj]
- - - Playstation5
- - - [CFG: Omens / Sabre-Luke / Sabre-Maul / Sabre-Q / Greyskull / *]
- - - [CFG2: Duxford Carpark Staff, EMP Gauntlet]
- - - * Atomica Destructus / Illuminatae Finale
Rulership Augmented Geosphere Network Activated Reality Over-Kill (BL7)
DATL (Data&Tatl&Dettol / Kung Fury Wolf)
Jap reactors
Canary Wharf free train
Claudius Grey (Worldmaster) , Claudia Orange (Claw-Doctor/Cloudy)
EF3various - (Sabrescream)
//Duxford Air Museum /Supacat
HMS Belfast
RDA - Reverse Deductive Animation (KP birthday lyric)
Tesselaton (^ plastic polymer)
Mathatron - VSpace_C
Master Chief does Delia Smith's Generation Game
DDS1000 (Delia Smith Dalek)(^ camera and lighting crew)
- - NKPR-F16
Microsoft Rei 5.0 (MR5) [BL8++]
Microsoft Monkeytale (MR5-sp)
Microsoft ICE (MR5) (I just do eyes!)
Microsoft MSG (MR5) ('Bill Gates is a lovely cunt')
Microsoft Swinewater (MR5) ["don't drink the water..."]
SONY SpockWangle (MR5)
NINTENDO Recall (MR5) ('Two weeks!')
MISTER-1 (Statue of Liberty, Rollerworld Colchester, FBI)
Short-Orbit (3/16 x_X) [Nihon, Tokyo, Kremlin, Moscow] 

Mission Impossible__
mi1: constitution, education
mi2: interace, robin hood
mi3: mail, poisons
mi4: japan, guy fawkes
mi5: brewerys, scotland
mi6: telecoms, cars
mi7: jfk, america (Sector7!)
mi8: arpanet, nuclear reactors
[x]mi9: wardroids, national grid
miX: Triads, NKPR (Hyuna/Grit)

Apple Dictionary:
facile - easily achieved; effortless
origin - late 15th cent.(in the sense [easily accomplished] 😞 from French, or from Latin facilis Ôeasy,Õ from facere Ôdo, make.Õ
fascinate - draw irresistibly the attention and interest of
origin - late 16th cent.(in the sense [bewitch, put under a spell] 😞 from Latin fascinat- Ôbewitched,Õ from the verb fascinare, from fascinum Ôspell, witchcraft.Õ

Definition of fascism:
Victorian Inventor (Doc Brown, Farnsworth, Wernstrum, Hanso, Clive Sinclair)
Perfectionist arts & craft (Chloe Sullivan, Cordilia, Sex Pistols, Merzbow)

Fascism Fail (2002):
Working scorpinok mega-mecha (Ash)(Witness, Too shy)
Tesseract brained first-gen Android (Ash)
Magnetic induction-loop generated conciousness (Ash)
Human paralysis sonic beams (Ash)
Dark-matter inverse ICBM negator (Ash)
National Grid tesla coil generator (Ash)
Infinite computation calculator (Ash-Farnsworth, Wernstrum)(Settle Down)
Recursive dynamics electron simulation (Ash)(Somebody Else)
Anti-laser Kirk force-fields (Darkwing)
Cybertech chips for health impaired grandmas (Sony-Wernstrum)(hotdog)
Technomage Part 2 (Ash, Edge)
(2017) Ionic-chain anti-battleship rucksack (Ash)
(2017) Adure (Ash)
(2020) Psychronetic Dialing Timer (Ash)
(2020) Topcat Molecule (Ash)
(2020) Personal Small-object Teleporter Type-1 (Ash)
(2020) Unlimited Load Levitation Transportion (Ash)
(2020) Pentonic Geo-Fixed Harmonisor (Ash, Patlabor)(NGE3.0)


New Scientist
[Dark-Knight > Nottingham]
[Bill Gates > Dirty Vibe]
[Walace Wells > Polynesia]
[Father Jack > Hawaii]
[EF2-* > NKPR]
[EF2-Italia > Macross Plus]
[Claw-Doctor > Africa][Thundercracker: Rainmaker]
[RD8 > Sandcrawler]

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* Macro-Induction loop format, no recursive simulation issues via electro-photonics
* Alternate Universe base entropic format, cross-compatibility with legacy universe
* High level hurricane and cyclone prediction and negation, in conjuction with shaman mainframes
* Cyclonic data embed, compatible with MIDI, OpenGL, compiled consciousness division transferral
* Long-range diplomatic bio-noid array via Hubble Space Telescope, 16 civilisation races
* First-Contact compatible for Android, Silverskin, Bio-Metal, Bio-Organic utilising 'Fed-Hed'
* Loki-Mask compound integration for over 200 bio-droids, immune to human inspection, reasoning
* Bio-droid self-ecosystem management, recursive sim feedback switch-looping via super-mobius
* Self-Pointing bio-causality fed to Sonic Adventure Darwin-complete super-bio-noid
* Self-repair of jet parts via high-focus plasma pulse-beam connect, ie. domestic rocket launcher attack
* Beam-connect compatible up to 'Lost Smoke Monster'
* Security function for 'the-poison-frog' metal compound 5D dust direction, enacts 'Dementor' format
* In-built Dementor Format syncronisation with Asimov alloy-embedding within domestic power-arrays
* Utilises Globalisation-America compatible World-Trade and Treasury mission token 'Bowser Coins'
* Rated for 1000 years US Navy service, Entropic age-18 threshold 400 years
* Best friends with native Bison, referred to as 'furby friend'
* Social-worker rated for farm girls and rare toads
* Post WWIII thermal-beam projector, 5D earth-diffractional format in 'toddler red'
* Omni-directional projector range up to Earth's horizon, visible as white-red, 'pink kryptonite'
* Dreamcast hardware and usability IO, internal recursion-sim for Hitachi motherboard parts
* Internal recursion-sim for bio-mapped legacy developer, development system, time-space-environment
* Capacity to self-develop future hardware extensions, USB devices, drivers, Windows XP operating system
* Import-Export for XP DLL modules, power supply regulator designhood

Bonus Features for Governor Arnold:
* Available on free prescription via DC, 'bad to the bones' red-lense glasses suitable for ages 1-12 months
* Obtainable via tax-relief subject to criminal background check, adult glasses with Arnold engraving
* Glasses compatible with neuro-facial programming methodology used in relation to unisex baby harnesses

Famous Instances of Bio-Droid format:
* Every previous american president dressed as a circus clown
* Dick Cheney as Ronald Mcdonald with 'Rimmer M' on forehead, plus lurching forward like Wacky Races
* George Bush as a white/blue alien Ace Rimmer, except with olympic javelin through his head
* Some kind of gerbil on an excercise bike connected to the cockpit control array via coathanger rods
* Zombie Sonic
* Banshee Sonic
* Arkham Asylum Tails
* La-Forge Amy Rose, missing fundamentals of eyeballs
* Hellraiser Jim Carrey with multi-stage censorship system. first mode rubber and strawberry syrup
* Hellraiser-Liar-Liar Jim Carrey

Notable Appearances of IND-Sneak:
* Katy Perry Firework - card trick man
* Katy Perry Teenage Dream - various editional formats
* Katy Perry This is how we do (this) - internal motherboard visualiser, annual village fete movie screening
* 'Twerky' - Lady Gaga, Katy perry friendship and neuro-creativity simulation, legacy FBI site-survey data
* Katy Perry Movie / droid-ascii convention - Anime girl gang
* Neo-Transformers - EF3_FMercury1000, Soundwave, Sector-7
* Iron Man 2 - Supernanny Guy
* Defiance - Various, hot-swapped
* Sonic 2020

Sneak Creative Output:
Adult Ash Ketchum




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Fair amount of bugs, but essentially the same as walking night clubs in the world's most terrible high-heels, relatable when I was 17. End boss is like walking into a garbage truck though and took me over 150 attempts. Moral of a normal Sega game is walk away from a fight and grow up, but I didn't see why. Seemed like too much power over a person for no good reason than self satisfaction and moral superiority, at least on this occasion. They went too far. Good soundtrack though.


Edit: Okay so I've figured out you're supposed to fight this boss with some sort of software robot in a future dreamcast emulator? Sorry, but that puny intellectual concept confuses my gamer brain somewhat, and besides my optical cortex currently runs at 50 x 50 with 450,000 hemisphere nodes, which is... 2500fps... times 12 for neuronal analogues... and then stuff. Lots of stuff, I think. I mean mainly, it's the additional eyeball bling of looking at cosmic background radiation mixed into the Dreamcast RF stream, that shit's real interesting jazz to understimulated ninja turtles.



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