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Alan Wake - an October/Halloween playthrough

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My Final Fantasy IX playthrough is going on a break for October, partially because I need to repair my Vita and partially so I can blog a play through of a horror game, like I did with Gregory Horror Show last year. This time I've chosen Alan Wake.






Those who have been reading Bar Harukiya since last year may recall that I used to mix things up with #ThrowbackThursday, covering a “Retro Club” game alongside my Final Fantasy IX playthrough, you may even recall I did things a little differently last October as I spent that month playing Gregory Horror Show, you know, playing a horror-themed game during October in the build-up to Halloween. I’m returning to the idea again this year, but again trying something different that will see me taking a break from FFIX (I know, another one, will I ever complete it?), though this decision has been partially forced upon me by the need to repair my PlayStation Vita, so for the next few weeks, Thursday’s will be taken up by me chronicling a playthrough of a horror game. There were a few I was going to choose from, Project Zero (Fatal Frame to you guys in America), Silent Hill 3, Alien Isolation, but ultimately I settled on Alan Wake, no particular reason behind it, other than I’ve always heard its interesting.


I missed out on this when it first came out, I bought a cheap Xbox 360 copy some time ago but never got around to play it. I even dug it out of the loft this time last year before settling on Gregory Horror Show, then Epic gave away the “New Nightmare” release, which without looking at it properly is a stand-alone sequel of some sort, but I know its not Alan Wake. I also own it on Steam but didn’t realise until I downloaded it on Game Pass for PC, which is how I’m playing it now. As with my Final Fantasy IX playthrough, I’ll be posting my progress each week, I’m aware it’s not the longest of games, but I’m kind of a slow player and cutting down into chunks allows me to take notes for these posts and hopefully drag it out to write my impressions of the game overall on the last Thursday of the month.


We open with the old cliche, Alan Wake is driving along at night, someone steps out into the headlights and Alan runs him over, however when he gets out of his car to investigate, the lights of his car turn off, Alan staggers and the hitchhiker disappears, the car is damaged and a storm is beginning to build, in the distance, Alan spots a lighthouse and decides he best go there. En route I spot something glittering on a bridge that has a massive hole in it, the glittering item is a Thermos flask and the game tells me I have 99 more of these to collect. I have to take another route. There’s a small, rickety-looking wooden footbridge that leads to some stairs, as I begin to cross it the hitchhiker appears behind me wielding an axe, he chases me and starts shouting a bunch of stuff that suggests he knows Alan, declaring that “he’s the story now”. Once Alan has escaped his pursuer, he notes that he recognises him from a story he’d been writing.


As I continue to head in the direction of the lighthouse the hitchhiker appears again, this time he somehow increases the intensity of the storm and Alan has to sprint for it, coming across yet another rickety bridge, on the other end a man in a green letterman jacket calls out to head towards him, he shouts that his name is Clay Steward and points Alan in the direction of a hut that will provide safety. Alan runs through the doorway, but it slams shut behind him, leaving Clay to be brutally murdered by the hitchhiker. Inside Alan says he needs to find a way out to continue heading for the lighthouse, three TV’s suddenly switch themselves on and on each is a persons eye, scanning the room whilst “Die, Die, Die, Die” followed by maniacal laughter emits from the speakers. There’s a door in the back, on it is a poster that looks a little like the poster for John Carpenter’s The Thing (though its not), the wall its on bursts open and a voice summons me to “follow the light”, I do as I’m commanded.


Outside the voice prompts me to head into the light from a lamppost, there Alan’s health is restored and I continue to follow the directions of the voice who tells me “The darkness is coming but its currently sleeping”. It says it has awoken me to show me my dreams, or something. It then summons a torch and instructs me to shine it at the hitchhiker that has, once again, appeared before me, it seems to burn him and eventually removes the shadow that had been covering it. A revolver is then placed on a tree stump by the voice, I pick it up and shoot at the hitchhiker, defeating it, for now, the voice then tells me that it will now give me back “my dreams”.


“In the nightmare, the darkness was taking over the World. The light house was the last safe place in both”


As I make my way to the lighthouse more and more hitchhikers appear. I use the tools I’ve been provided to dispatch as many as I can but quickly begin to run out of bullets, deciding the best course of action is to just run for it, I begin to sprint for the lighthouse, though another hitchhiker appears behind me and makes the storm even stronger, throwing objects at the bridge I’m attempting to cross and forcing me to dodge them and the holes they’re creating. Once inside, Alan can get his breath back, he looks up the staircase, but the screen turns black


“He’s here.
Wake up.”


Alan wakes up, startled, he’s still sat in his car, its daylight and a woman, presumably his wife, is sat next to him, the car is parked on a river ferry.



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Forgot to post my second update, its rather lengthy so I don't think I'll go into a blow-by-blow style in future as its taking longer to type this stuff up than it is to actually play each episode!







Episode One.


On the ferry Pat Maine introduces himself whilst Alan’s wife, Alice, tries to get a photo of him “relaxing”. He recognises Alan immediately and tells him he’s a huge fan before trying to wrangle Alan into doing an interview for the radio program he runs, Alan turns him down though, saying he’s here on vacation and would appreciate it if Pat could keep it quiet that he’s in Bright Falls. However, it seem’s everybody in town already knows Alan is visiting. Whilst looking for a man called Carl Stucky, Alan enters a diner, the girl at the counter recognises him and points out the cardboard cutout of Alan that she rescued from the local book shop. Apparently, Carl is in the bathroom, but instead of showing some patience and manners by waiting for him, maybe grabbing a coffee, he decides to head to the back of the diner to get the key’s to the cabin he and his wife plan to stay at. He knocks at the door, but there’s no reply, but a creepy woman wearing a veil grabs Alan’s attention, telling him “Carl couldn’t make it, unfortunately he was taken ill” so she has the key, she hands it over and tells Alan that she’ll visit him and his wife soon, she insists upon it.


Alan leaves the diner and gets into the passenger seat of the car, his wife drives off in the direction of the lake, a man then staggers out of the diner and into the road behind them, calling out for them to wait. It’s Carl and he has the actual keys to where the couple are supposed to be staying, so what keys has the veiled-lady given them?

On the trip to the cabin we learn that Alan hasn’t written anything new in two years, we all learn that Alice has a phobia of darkness, so its up to Alan to go and make sure all the lights are on before the sun sets. Another thing Alan narrates to the player (and he narrates a lot of stuff as you play) is that the little island that the cabin is on, or maybe the whole island, I’m not too sure, is sat atop a dormant volcano, which, well, is never good is it?


Inside the cabin there’s a shoe box sat open on top of a cupboard, its full of books written by an author called Thomas Zane and they have the following titles:


“The Temple of Shadow and Mist”

The Labyrinth of Me”

“In Her Dreams to Prevail”

“Kept from Sleep”


Which all feel ominous.


Alice calls to Alan from upstairs, as he climbs to the first floor her jeans are slung over the bannister, Alan probably thinks he’s going to get some sexy time as thanks for going and powering up the generator. However, sat in a room on a desk is a typewriter. Alice admits to luring him to Bright Falls to help ease his writers block, and says there’s a Doctor who has a surgery locally that specialises in creative types who are struggling to be creative. Alan takes all of this poorly and in anger accuses her of trying to get him locked up. As his anger increases, the room blackens, he storms outside knowing she wont follow him as its too dark. However he soon hears a scream from indoors. He tries to rush back but gets attacked by swarms of crows. He eventually bursts through the doorway, but Alice is nowhere to be seen, there’s a huge hole in the wall, which Alan jumps through into the water below.


He awakens sat in the couples car, which has crashed up in the hills, he has no memory of how he got there, spotting the the gas station in the distance he decides that’s the best place for him to head for. In the distance there’s a blinding light and floating from it are pages from a manuscript called “Departure”, which Alan notes he was planning to call his next novel, indeed the manuscript has his name on it but Alan hadn’t even started writing it before he arrived in Bright Falls.


A figure also appears in the distance, Alan calls out to it, but it vanishes straight away. Not walked away, straight up evaporated into the air. He heads in the direction of the figure anyway and as he turns a corner he spies some lights on at the area’s logging company. Finding a way inside by climbing a log that has fallen and taken some of the fence with it, he finds a man muttering to himself, though he introduces himself as Carl Stucky, the man who Alan was supposed to meet for the keys, he’s definitely not himself, he picks up an axe and runs off amongst all the stacked logs, leaving a body on the floor where he was previously stood.


As Alan makes his way through the logs, Carl keeps shouting random stuff and causing havoc, giving chase. Alan eventually make it to a hut before Carl can launch an actual attack on him, inside he finds a flashlight and a gun on a counter, there’s also a phone which he uses to try and call the Sheriff’s department, though the line gets cut before he can have a conversation. Then one of the large machines rumbles to life, with Carl at the wheel, he drives it at the cabin and Alan has to rush to escape before its pushed over the side of the cliff.


As Alan progresses through the forest he comes across a logging site, where he finds a shotgun. He switches on a radio and the man from the ferry begins talking to a man called Maurice who’s dog, Toby, had run into the undergrowth whilst out on a walk but Maurice was unable to call him back, he hopes that after hearing his call, the rest of Bright Falls will keep a look out for Toby.


The closer I get to the gas station, the more a fog kind of begins to fill the forest, each time it gets really thick I’m attacked by groups of loggers on whom I have to use a combination of the torch and the pistol to dispatch. Occassionally I spy graffiti on rocks, walls and tree’s that points me to either some loot (usually a box containing a flare gun) or “safe havens”, which are normally a generator that I have to power up to get a light to work which wards off any would be attackers.


Everywhere I turn in this forest I find logging equipment, I spy a building in the distance, just beyond it is a manuscript page and a gate, but as I get close a larger than usual number of loggers attack me. I dispatch them with the flare gun, pick up the manuscript page and head into the building. Inside there’s a TV, switching it on shows a clip for a show called Night Spring, which is a kind of Twilight Zone-esque thing, on which a Doctor talks about his “Many Worlds Theory”, proposing that he has developed a machine that allows him to fire a gun at himself, but it’ll only discharge blanks, however, with each pull of the trigger the world branches off in different directions, or something to that effect. However, a student trips over the cable to the machine, unplugging it just as the Doctor pulls the trigger on the gun…


After leaving the building and navigating his way out of the logging yard via a few fairly easy puzzles, Alan finally reaches the petrol station. He notes a sign that says the “68th Annual Deerfest” is 7 days away, on the ferry to Bright Falls Pat Maine had told them that the Deerfest was a fortnight away, somehow Alan has lost a whole week. Inside the garage is a TV that shows Alan talking rather animatedly to himself, none of this makes any sense.


On the sales counter there lies a telephone, he uses it to ring the Sheriffs station, triggering a cut-scene where he tells the Sheriff whats been happening. She informs him that what he says is impossible, there’s not been a cabin on the lake since the 70s.



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Episode Two


New York, Three years ago.


Alan enters his apartment and hears Alice call out to him, she’s done some cover shots for his next novel that she wants him to check out, but when he gets to his office the lights go out. She begins to panic, so Alan checks the fuse box, but it seems its a proper power outage so he grabs a flashlight and heads to her office to calm her down, now in the lounge, he tells her a story about how he was scared of the dark as a kid and his Mum helped him get over it by giving him a clicker, which he presents to Alice, she then basically accuses him of taking the piss, but they both laugh it off.


Back in the present day, a Doctor examines Alan and deems him to not have a concussion, the Sheriff wishes to talk to him too, so Alan heads there but acts cagey to her questioning. Their conversation is cut short by Alan getting a phone call, the man on the other end claims to have Alice and tells Alan he has proof, Alan just has to look at the old Junker in the yard outside the Police Station. The kidnapper tells him to meet him in Elderwood National Park at a spot called Lover’s Peak at midnight.

On his way through the cells to the yard, Alan speaks to a drunk that’s been brought in for getting in a fight. He seems scared that its dark, a recurring theme: First Alice, then the odd woman in the diner (who’s also checking the light switches in the Police Station now) and now this drunk, and asks Alan to switch the lights on. He starts rambling about “needing” it to be bright. Outside Alan finds the junker, Alice’s driver’s license is on the front passenger seat. His phone rings, but it’s not the kidnapper, it’s his agent, Barry, he’s been trying to get hold of both Alan and Alice all week and this is the first time either has answered (the battery life on Alan’s phone is excellent I might add, a whole week without a charge? anyway…), he’s arrived in Bright Falls, so Alan tells him to come to collect him from the Police Station.

At the reception desk, another man has come in, he’s here to see the drunk, though he also introduces himself as the local psychiatrist and offers Alan somewhere to sleep at his lodge, Alan remembers this is the man Alice wanted him to see and things begin to get hostile, Alan has quite the temper. Thankfully Barry arrives and threatens to get lawyers involved if the locals don’t leave Alan alone. The pair then make for a different lodge whilst Alan fills Barry in on what’s happening, though Barry thinks Alan is going insane, he agrees to help him find Alice, though he also thinks they should get the Police involved. At the cabin, they meet Rusty, who gives them the keys.


As midnight approaches, Alan and Barry plot what to do. Barry still thinks Alan should involve the authorities, maybe even the FBI, but Alan genuinely believes the kidnapper will kill Alice if he does. He tells Barry that he’ll go alone, but that if he’s not back by morning, then to alert the Sheriff, Alan leaves the cabin and heads for Lover’s Peak. En route there’s a variety of other cabins that he checks, one of which has a TV that he switches on, it plays another episode of Night Springs, in which a man is being interrogated for beating another to death, leaving the victim so badly assaulted that no one can identify him by his facial features. The victim and the suspect happen to be wearing the same clothes though and as the detective is going through what evidence they do have, they discover both have the same fingerprints, when the cop states he’s confused, the suspect tells him he’ll be going to jail anyway, but that the cop will see him again “maybe in the mirror”. then the episode ends.


As Alan passes a sign for the visitors centre, he has a vision of Alice screaming, there’s the image of a typewriter too. In the distance he hears gunshots and Rusty screaming, so he rushes in the direction of the noise and finds a trail of blood leading to a barely conscious Randy propped up against the wall of the Visitors Centre, he’s muttering that “it happened just like it did on the page” and asks Alan to turn on the lights in the Rangers Office. Following his instructions, that’s where Alan heads, but the fuse box won’t be operable, it has an axe planted in it. A load of banging noises and more screams from Randy come from the direction of the Visitors Centre, Alan rushes there but is attacked by Taken, there’s an oily substance on the floor too, shining the torch on it makes it smoke and ultimately dissipate. Once he eventually gets back inside the Visitors Centre Randy has vanished and one of the walls has a huge hole in it that wasn’t there before. Alan heads through it and into the woods beyond.


His phone rings, its Barry again, he’s panicking, sounds like some stuff has begun to happen back at the Cabin and he now believes what Alan was telling him, Alan tells him to stay put, lock the door and switch the lights on. Then continues making his way to Lover’s Peak, seeing off waves of Taken as he progresses further through the trail.


He finds a cable car that takes him across a gorge but is attacked by a large number of Taken as he gets to the other side. A man comes to his rescue and once they escape the Taken Alan realises he’s dropped his gun. The man will only give him flares to see any more Taken off, even when he begins removing the planks at the entrance to a wooden staircase, he just outright refuses to give Alan a gun. He wonders if he’s the kidnapper and his suspicions are proved to be true once they reach Lover’s Peak, where they are again attacked by Taken, and again, Alan can only throw down flares whilst the man shoots at them (he’s an awful shot too, I might add). However, there’s no sign of Alice and so Alan asks where his wife is.


“I knew you were gonna say that. I read it all before. you’re a hell of a writer. Congratulations. you’re gonna bring about something glorious and terrible once you get some… proper editorial control.


I want the entire manuscript… Or she’s gonna suffer bad”


Alan punches him, sending them through the safety barrier. They fall, the man drops his gun, Alan gets to it first, so the kidnapper flees. There’s nothing else Alan can do, he hasn’t finished the manuscript (hasn’t even started writing it, technically speaking), so he decides to head back to the Cabin to help Barry. He eventually finds his way to a car park, there’s a pickup truck there with its lights on, though it’s locked up behind a gate. He finds the keys and gets in the car after receiving a call from Barry, the cabin is being attacked by swarms of crows. the pick-up allows him to get most of the way back fairly quickly, although there’s a short section he has to take on foot, and sure enough, as he approaches the cabin he’s attacked by what must be hundreds of crows, in a few different swarms, the only tools that are any use are his torch and the flares the kidnapper gave him, eventually he fights them off and tells Barry its safe.



The next morning he sends Barry to town to ask about the kidnapper whilst he attempts to write the rest of his manuscript, though his writers’ block is still an issue. Rose (the young girl from the Diner) rings Barry, she tells him she has the info he’s looking for, however, it’s not really Rose, its the veiled-lady.


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Episode 3


Alan and Barry arrive at the trailer park and head for Roses trailer. Barry fills Alan in on the history of cauldron lake, saying that it was owned by one Thomas Zane, that is until the volcano beneath it erupted in the 70s. Apparently, a girl called Barbara Jagger also drowned in the lake, though all the articles written about that were written by Cynthia Weaver, the odd lady who was obsessed with the lights in the diner and police station. Near the trailer is a boat that the caretaker claims “just fell out of the sky!”


When they reach Roses trailer she’s acting really oddly, talking rather flatly. Alan asks if she has the manuscript, but she says she doesn’t, though she thinks he needs a muse to inspire him, offering herself for the role, whilst serving them coffee. The two begin to feel light-headed and both pass out from the spiked coffee. Alan has a vision of the veiled woman who tells him he must finish what he started, another voice tells him to the turn to the lights on. Alan appears in a TV again, narrating his thoughts, he calls the veiled lady Barbara Jagger, believing her to be the woman who drowned in the lake. He’s been out of it for a day and now only has 12 hours to deliver his manuscript to the kidnapper.


A radio plays a conversation between the host and “Walt” (Who I think maybe the man from the police cells), he thinks something “is gonna happen”. At the car the cops are waiting for Alan, an FBI agent is with them, and immediately opens fire at Alan, just about missing the trailer parks caretaker, Alan makes a run for it and is then chased through the woods by cops on foot, with patrol cars blocking off roads and a helicopter circling overhead. As Alan stumbles through the woods, following a dried-up river bed, the mist returns and a cop car is flung through the air, whilst panicking cries shout to “shoot it”, whilst roars fill the air. There’s been more than one patrol car that’s been attacked by the Darkness, and as Alan passes one a conversation plays out over its radio, the cops have managed to arrest Barry and Rose. It sounds like Barry is still pretty out of it and Rose is still acting oddly.


In the distance Alan spots a radio tower and decides to head there, though the Darkness tries to prevent his progress by closing gates, I have to activate various different lights in order to dispel it every time it blocks off a new route, it’s not long before Alan finds a flashlight in an upturned police car.


Once at the radio station Alan talks to the Pat, the guy he met on the ferry who has been filling listeners in on the ongoings in Bright Falls, thought before the conversation can get very far Alan has to escape as the police also arrive on the scene. Pat tries to diffuse the situation, but again, the FBI agent fires anyway. He shouts that he’ll get Wake, even if it kills him. Alan escapes in the direction of the railroad, his phone rings, it’s Alice, she says that she’s afraid but also that when she looks at Alan, she sees someone else looking back. The route takes Wake beneath a bridge, where the Darkness returns and attacks him by throwing barrels and debris. He escapes by throwing flares at two gates that the Darkness is using the block his path. When he finally reaches the train depot the attacks continue, this time the Darkness has possessed a bulldozer, in one of the offices a TV shows another episode of Night Springs. This episode tells the tale of a journalist, Alvyn, who is interviewing a woman about mythology, she suddenly kisses him, which impregnates him with “The Dweller of the Flesh” in a scene similar to the breakfast scene in Alien.


Outside Alan finds a pick-up truck, gets in and heads for the coal mine, though he can’t drive right up to it. The following day Wake finds a shack, there’s a radio inside, Pat reveals the FBI agent had detained him last night, he admits to not really liking the guy. A short way along the trail Alan reaches the coal mine, it’s mostly an abandoned museum now and he’s there early so has to wait around till night time. The kidnapper never shows, instead he rings and when Alan demands to know why he hasn’t turned up he says the plans changed, Alan is to head for Mirrors Peak instead. As he tries to leave the building he’d been waiting around in, the room shakes, as if hit by something and he finds the door is locked, his only way out is through a trapdoor in the floor.


The Darkness is getting stronger now, it can pull up tree’s and form tornadoes, some times it’s a case of just running for it. He finds a ghost town, there’s not much here, though it does have a working TV. Alan is on screen again, staring into the camera in a crazed, creepy way. As he gets nearer to Mirror Peak, he finds the only way through is via an abandoned mineshaft, as tries to navigate the tunnels a woman voice keeps whispering his name, shortly after he drops to the floor, his headache returning, but he has to carry on. He hears Alice crying for help in the distance. He hears a male voice talking to somebody else, pleading with them, saying that they don’t have Alice. He follows the sounds and finds the kidnapper on his knees, but before they can talk, the Darkness grabs hold of the kidnapper and then throws Alan off the cliff edge and into Cauldron Lake.


However, before he drowns, a light shines from the surface, a hand reaches down and pulls Alan onto a boat.


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On 23/10/2020 at 14:50, Sprite Machine said:

It amuses me that Alan keeps his coat on at all times, even when he's in bed or it's soaked with water. :)

I find it amusing that I have to start each episode with no torch or gun, even when he hasn't been arrested etc. It's made me less cautious with the flares knowing that no matter how many I pick up, I won't need them "later".





Episode 4


Alan awakens to Alice’s face looking down on him, but it then begins to change and takes on the appearance of Dr Hartman. He tells Wake that he’s had a breakdown, triggered by his wife’s death and has been a patient at his clinic ever since, Doctor Hartman claims he is schizophrenic, then the face fades again and alan finds himself in a bedroom. There’s a drip beside the bed and a typewriter on a desk by the window.


Dr Hartman enters the room and asks Alan to hollow him, he confirms that Alice is indeed dead, she drowned in Cauldron Lake, everything that Alan has experienced since has been a hallucination brought on by his breakdown. As he gives Alan a quick tour of the clinic and he meets some of the other patients. Emerson is a videogame developer who enjoys scaring others, Hartman thinks his work is trash. Arthur paints really haunting portraits, some brothers are also patients here, Odin and Thor Anderson, they used to be in a band together, now they spend their days causing trouble at the clinic and playing a Night Springs boardgame. They seem to think that Alan is a different author, Thomas Zane.


The electricity suddenly goes out and the Doctor encourages Alan to head back to his room to continue writing. The brothers say a local hag has taken something from the other patients, including Thor’s “Thunder” and Odin’s crows, she’s taken something from Alan too, he just has to figure out what it is. Back in his room, he sits at the typewriter, but he begins to shake before he can write anything. Things are kicking off downstairs, the brothers have attacked the nurse and Alan sees the distraction as an opportunity to break into Hartman’s office. Inside the office he finds a tape with Alice’s name written on it, the recording reveals a conversation she had with Hartman showing her concern for Alan, she says he’s always angry and violent, though not towards her. He doesn’t sleep, but no longer writes, and again, Alan hears her say she just sees a stranger behind his eyes now.


One hallway in the clinic has a large picture on the wall, it’s a picture of the staff stood outside the building, Hartman, the nurse and the orderly are all there, but they’re joined by a fourth figure, the “kidnapper”. Alan sees this as proof that Hartman is lying to him about his wife’s death and there’s a whole conspiracy going on. He finds Barry, who reiterates everything that’s happened in the story so far. Hartman also has Alan’s manuscript on his desk, along with Alan’s gun. The Doctor catches him picking the latter up and pleads with him to put it down, but Alan threatens to shoot him if he doesn’t move out of the way, Hartman tries to tell him that together they can create something wonderful, but then the Darkness begins to attack again.


Outside in the grounds, Barry has managed to get to his car, but the gates are now locked and he can’t open them, he’s on the opposite side to Alan. He says there is a way off the property, he has to go through the hedge maze and the gardens. It takes a while to navigate the grounds, and the Darkness tries every trick its already been using, throwing objects, blocking paths and setting Taken upon Alan. But he eventually gets to another locked gate with Barry stood on the other side. A large number of Taken attack Alan and he has to fend them off for long enough for Barry to be able to unlock the gates. Once he’s succeeded at that, they run for the car, Barry suggests they leave Bright Falls, but Alan tells him they’re heading for the Anderson’s farm instead.


Alan strongly believes that Alice is actually still alive, though is at the bottom of Cauldron Lake, he thinks there’s “something special” about the lake and that it brings “art to life”. He thinks that this means that he can bring Alice back. A figure appears in the road, Barry swerves to avoid it and Alan is thrown from the car. Barry shouts to Alan that he’ll meet him at the farm.


From the pathway up in the hills, Alan sees a car heading in the same direction as he is planning to, he thinks it might be Barry, who may have found an abandoned car (or stolen one) and used that to get to (perceived) safety quicker. As Wake makes his way to the farm, he’s suddenly blinded by a bright light, a voice tells him he’s trying to deliver each page of the manuscript to the correct time and place, it’s trying to tell him the correct order of the story. It’s not long before he finds a house. The car he’d previously seen is parked outside. As he enters the doorway he hears a scream from upstairs, thinking it’s Barry he goes to help his agent. However, it’s not Barry, it’s the man from the police cell’s, lying on the floor, blood pouring out of him, there’s a broken window, he says he was looking for his buddy, Danny. In the neighbouring room, there’s a TV, Alan’s on this one too, he says the story he’s writing is supposed to save Alice, but he insisted it’s going to kill her and the only way he could change that would be to insert himself into the story as the protagonist. As he tries to leave the house, a huge axe-wielding Taken attacks, perhaps that’s what happened to Danny?


As Alan gets to the farm, he notices a stage and on that is a huge dragon prop. Barry’s on the stage shouting for Wake to run as Taken are attempting to get to them, however, a lightning strike hits the dragon, setting off fireworks that obliterate the Taken and allowing Alan to get up onto the stage where the pair have to see off wave after wave of Taken, using a combination of the weapons, flares and torches Alan has picked up, the stage lights (controlled by Barry) and fireworks that are out in the fields. It’s an intense fight, but before long, the Taken stop coming. The only way to get to the farmhouse looks to be by going through the barn.

Inside is yet another TV, it’s showing an episode of Night Springs, Barry reveals that Alan used to write for the show, but that this isn’t one of his episodes. This one is about a man who dreams of a queue of people, everybody in the queue is aware that he is dreaming them, an alarm goes off and they plead with him not to wake up “I have a wife and kids to go home to!” one shouts as the episode ends.


Alan explores the barn, looking for a way out, his only solution is the Viking boat that’s hung from the ceiling, which he uses as a battering ram to break down the doors at the far end of the barn. Once they reach the farmhouse, the lights are all off, Wake finds the fuse box and music begins to play from an old record player in the lounge. Alan thinks the lyrics are an instruction for them to find Cynthia Weaver, though that will have to wait till morning as the two decide to see out the night by getting drunk on the Anderson’s hooch. Wake begins to hallucinate that he’s on Diver’s Island, the island that disappeared in the 70s after the volcano erupted. He sees the night of Alice’s disappearance, the same night they arrived in Bright Falls, play out before him, the veiled woman guides him through, then tells him that Alice did die and it’s his fault.

I'm hoping to have episode 5 done for Tuesday and Episode 6 for Thursday (or alternatively, five on Thursday, 6 on Saturday)

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