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RIP Eddie Van Halen


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Greatest rock guitarist of all time and the most influential. That run of six albums with Roth is almost flawless. I can't remember a time in my life where I haven't spun a Van Halen album at least once a week.


I saw Roth live a couple of times but never Van Halen, always thought I'd get a chance to see them live with Wolfie in the band. Fuck this news.

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Extraordinary musician; totally gamechanging. I remember the huge argument I had with my dad when he heard Beat It on the radio for the first time, and refused to believe me when I said the solo was done on a guitar. “No-one can make a guitar sound like that !”. But Eddie could. RIP EVH.

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I've loved EVH since i was a teen. I grew up during the Hager era. I remember buying F.U.C.K on cassette back in '91. Poundcake blew the arse out of my trousers. I've always loved VHII as well.


Just the other week I decided to give VHIII a try. Bloody hell Baldrick there's some stinkers on there. I wish they had kept it together with Hagar.


Anyway RIP EVH


Fuck 2020

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3 hours ago, McFly said:

Other than Hendrix surely EVH is tbe most influential guitarist ever? His whole style was so different and created a legion of imitators.


Yes and not just the greatest rock guitarist of all time, one of the most tasteful and the writer of iconic songs that the entire world knows. He could have gone the guitar virtuoso route and released solo albums full of fretboard wankery that would no doubt have sold, but he had better taste than that and focussed completely on writing songs that crossed genres and made Van Halen an international name with hit singles and as a legendary live act.


Even after changing the world of rock guitar overnight with Eruption, EVH came back on the next album with a totally different approach that said, this is how you do it on an acoustic guitar with Spanish Fly.


I can listen to any of those first six albums with DLR and still get the same kind of buzz that I did first hearing them 35+ years ago. They have aged beautifully. Hard to pick a fave but Women And Children First is probably my most listened to, Christ they are all magnificent with the only slight lull being Diver Down, but then what a comeback with 1984. What a career.




Well worth a read. It's written in Roth's mile-a-minute stream of consciousness style, exhausting and hilarious.

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Van Halen were one of those bands that were so gifted at playing it dumb and shallow that people tend to forget just how brilliant a rock n roll band they were. That first clutch of records with the ONE TRUE LINEUP are pure, elemental magic. They made their American contemporaries look absolutely pitiful by comparison.









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The man was a game changer. Really hard to process this news. I guess if I had one musical hero, it was Eddie Van Halen. I first saw them at Donnington in 1984, and have been fortunate enough to see them live in the US a few times in more recent years. 


This is how I'll remember him. His solo at 2:30 is mind blowing.



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