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Dumbest Gaming Stuff You Done

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On the TV note! 
The console flame wars seem to be fighting a real battle of resolution atm... but seriously, any HD res be it 720p, 1080p, 1440p or 4K looks absolutely fucking stunning on my LG OLED. 

Even 1080p switch games like Animal Crossing look bonkers on the thing. The panel is so good and the scaler so good that literally everything looks fantastic, just maybe slightly softer on lower resolutions...unlike my old tv where anything NOT perfect native res looked like a complete mess. 

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Selling my perfectly capable GTX 1080 Ti to fund shiny new ray-traced Cyberpunk 2077. Probably my most anticipated game of all time.


Only there is absolutely no stock of the new GPUs, and I don't even have a current-gen console.

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11 hours ago, LaveDisco said:

Man I was a fool, I remember it like it was last week*. I imported a game gear micro. It's far too small to properly use.



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It was last week.



I ranted about how the Micro was too small and about £50 too expensive (it was about £80 IIRC, £30 was the most I’d pay), then they announced the Famicom special edition one so I paid £150 for it.


Don’t regret it though. Loved it.

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I picked a whole holiday destination based on access to regional Pokemon in Pokemon Go. But to be fair that was Canada. Having to get above a reasonably Northerly latitude meant I had to spend some time in Edmonton (one of the few reasonably sized cities where it spawns). Although other than those two nights the other 2.5 weeks touring through the Rockies, around Vancouver and the Island and back to Calgary were amazing. So a silly idea but worked out great.


On another Pokemon Go one... after getting back from a game Safari Zone event in Dortmund for a weekend I was back in the office on the Wednesday. On Thursday morning I got wind of an Unown letter spawning in Paris for Japan Expo in Paris that day and probably the next (no official announcement, but expo was on the next day) too). Turned to my boss next to me to ask for Friday off and booked a return Eurostar ticket for Friday. Left home around 5am, got the train to Paris and metro to a conference centre. Spent 15 minutes grabbing the one Unown I needed and another 2.5 hours collecting  spares of it and other letters to trade and headed home. Never went in the conference. Saw next to nothing of Paris. Cost me about £300 for a single Pokemon.

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3 hours ago, Mars said:

Bought an imported Japanese Gamecube that would only output in black and white on my TV. 


I then bought an expensive little box that added colour but the overall image quality was awful. I eventually gave up and got a newer TV. 


It was a pretty decent converter and the image was fine for me for what it was. I didnt really know any better at the time.


TVs were way more especially with ntsc support. I think I got a new tv like a year later.

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A mate got a JP dreamcast on launch and I went round to play it, I had to have one but didn’t have the £750 they were costing in launch week as I had just fully upgraded my gaming pc.... so I swapped my gaming pc with my mates Dreamcast and about a month later he had bought another Dreamcast and I’d built another pc.


Zero regrets mind.

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A few:

Going to the Epcot Centre in Disneyworld with my school orchestra and spending the entire time playing on the "free" arcade machines instead of going out and seeing the sights (I was wearing a thick cotton t-shirt which meant going out in the Florida heat was murder and I barely knew anyone on the trip but I still have regrets about that).


Playing Halo 2 online until 1-2am every night for about six months in 2005 then waking at 7am, crawling into work and drinking venti mochas from Starbucks to stay awake during the day. Like Timmo, I have no idea how I didn't get fired during this time. 


Rejecting a trip to Berlin when I was on gardening leave because there was some kind of bonus XP weekend for Gears of War 2 and I was nearly at Rank 100 and wanted to get it done. That I really regret as the trip was apparently amazing and those XP events continued on for a long time afterwards. :(

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This thread is a good reminder of dumb things I’ve done.


Speaking of TVs...

When the Super Famicom was first released many years ago my gaming buddies and I were all looking to get one for Christmas. 

We found out that you needed a TV with a ‘Scart’ connection in order to play it. My richer mates arranged to get the Super Famicom AND a TV. I knew my parents would never go for this (and they didn’t) so my only option was our current TV.

Our TV wasn’t old but it wasn’t particularly new either so I instantly wrote it off as not having a Scart socket and didn’t even bother to check.


Christmas came and went, my friends got their Super Famicoms and I got some random junk. A couple of months later I had to go in behind the TV for something that fell down the back and what did I find...? A fcuking Scart socket. 


I couldn’t believe it, I was mortified. For the sake of 2 mins to actually check the TV I’d missed out on all that Super Famicom goodness.

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