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Grand Theft Auto VI - Leaking all over the place


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13 hours ago, meatbin said:

Can someone explain how someone who is smart and savvy enough to hack a major organisation, has got caught doing so?

A reliable measure of how stupid the average criminal is, is that they manage to get caught by the average copper.

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I'd like Rockstar to develop two types of Gta, smaller, interesting ones with genuinely branching storylines and actions causing consequences, no padding and a play time of about 15 hours enhanced by a genuine curiosity to play through it multiple times to kill/save whoever that opens up more missions.. And the other gta...whatever the online monstrosity they spend a console generation/full kids childhood procrastinating on. 


or just the interesting gta really. 


Also reading about a 17 year old who hacked a videogame company and leaked videos get immediately arrested is funny after just finishing watching the film Dark Waters. 

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