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The Ted Dabney Experience Episode 08 - Andy Walker


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Evening all.


I am one third of a British podcast project (along with Paul Drury of Retro Gamer, and collector Richard May) that interviews the unsung heroes of the Golden Age of video arcade gaming.


I thought I'd share the latest episode of The Ted Dabney Experience Podcast, as I think the subject of this month's show in particular would be of interest here from a UK perspective. 


We interview Andy Walker, one of the very few Brits to have developed coin-op videogames for the American market during the Golden Age. The Pit is something of a niche title, released by Centuri, but has a unique charm. In a weird turn of events, the game inspired the creation of Atari's Dig Dug (Andy goes into that story too).


Do check it out here. You can also find us in all the usual podcast places.




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Oh! Will definitely give this a listen! The Pit is one of my favourite early arcade games... it's infuriatingly addictive.


As a bit of shameless self promotion, I ported The Pit to the Spectrum 48k earlier this year, in an effort to learn Z80 assembler. Had a huge amount of fun doing it (but ended up no better at the damned game!)



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