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What's the most number of times you've bought the same game?

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I was thinking about this earlier when it comes to Rez. I now own the following:


Rez on PS2

Rez HD on Xbox 360

Rez Infinite on PlayStation VR

Rez Infinite on Oculus Quest


Now, you could argue that I've just bought 3 separate versions here (one twice), each with their own quirks and upgrades, but in my head I've essentially bought Rez 4 times. I felt that on PS2 I didn't play it enough, was then wowed by the visuals and sound on the HD version, felt massive hype for playing it in VR and experiencing Area X, and was then recently excited yet again at playing it in VR wirelessly. Rez is one of my all-time favourite games and I can't see that ever changing.


So, accepting upgrades, remasters and remakes into the mix, what's the game you've bought the most often? How many times have you bought it? And why do you keep going back? 

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I just mentioned in the PS5 thread that I bought Demons' Souls three times on the PS3 - the first Asian release, the North American release and the UK release as well. I've got the new version preordered but I don't have a PS5 or any interest in getting one till a revision. :lol:


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I’ve bought Hyrule Warriors three times, and also managed to buy two season passes for it. 

Wii U version plus season pass

3DS version (including all the above) plus its own season pass 

Switch version including everything from the previous versions


I regret nothing. 

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The “Outrun 2 series”:


OR2 on Xbox

2006 on PC

2006 on PSP

2006 on PS2

Online Arcade on XBLA


Also Persona 3:


P3 on PS2

FES on PS2

Portable (digital) on PSP in Japanese :facepalm:

Portable (physical) on PSP in English

Portable (digital) on Vita in English

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Street Fighter 2 I would think, especially if it’s all of the variants. Off the top of my head I have:


SF2 World Warrior (arcade)

SF2 Hyper Fighting (arcade)

Super Street Fighter 2 (arcade)

SF2 (PC Engine)

SF2: Special Champion Edition (Mega Drive)

Super SF2 (Mega Drive)

SF2 (Super Nintendo)

SF2 Turbo (Super Nintendo)

Super SF2 (Super Nintendo)


there’s also a bunch of compilations I’ve got with it on. Probably some more regular versions as well I forgot.

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I've a few that I've bought more than three times:

  • Quake II (PC, PS1, Xbox 360, Steam)
  • Doom 1 and 2 (PS1, Xbox, PC, Switch)
  • Various Mega Drive games (PSP, Xbox 360, Switch, PC)

At least one of each purchases though (or all in the case of the MD stuff) were bundled with other stuff - Quake II came with Quake IV, the PC and Xbox versions of Doom each came with Doom 3. And the PS1 Doom game is a mix of both Doom 1 and 2.


But I prefer to look at it as Quake IV coming free with Quake II, given that's why I bought it. And I can't think of anything I've bought more than that.

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Fallout 4 PS4 - console of choice

Fallout 4 Xbox One - for modding, sold to break my addiction.

Fallout  4 Xbox One - another hit, gave away.

Fallout 4 GoTY Xbox One - more

Fallout 4 Digital Xbox One - can’t be bothered disk swapping

Fallout 4 GoTY PC - why!


ive never finished it.




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I've spoken about this before, but I think Minority Report on the Gamecube still tops it with half a dozen times or so. Obviously it's an oldie now, but I still fire it back up every now and again, in terms of throwing people through windows, it still pushes all the right buttons. :)


I do remember though, back in the day there was a local market which swapped your games for a fiver and I think I must have swapped The Terminator in and out of my collection five or six times overall. It's a wonderfully neat little game but the main pull was that little animation Kyle does when he takes out his shotgun in the city stages. Soooo satisfying.


In terms of modern games, I've bought Bayonetta on PS3, Xbox, WiiU and now Switch and if I see Rogue Trooper or Bulletstrom re-released with any significant enhancements I'll scream, as I'm such a sucker for those two.

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All the games that come to mind are Sega ones...


Crazy Taxi: Dreamcast, PS2, Gamecube, PSP, Steam/PC, Xbox 360 (Dreamcast collection disc).


Virtua Racing: Mega Drive,32x,Saturn,PS2, Switch. (I feel like this is the easiest to justify as they're all quite different. Switch is arcade perfect or better but I still prefer playing the 32x version).


Outrun 2: Xbox, PS2, PSP, PSN/PS3


Daytona: Saturn x2, Dreamcast, PSN/PS3


Nights into Dreams: Saturn, PS2, PSN/PS3, Steam/PC


Sonic Adventure: Dreamcast(first game I got with my DC for Christmas back in the day so I have a soft spot for it..), Gamecube, PSN/PS3, Xbox 360(Dreamcast Collection Disc), Steam/PC


Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing Transformed: Wii U, Vita, Steam/PC (put it on Switch and I'll buy it again)


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There are a few that I've bought three times (Rez, Mario 64*, Shadow of the Colossus) but I'm struggling to think of any I've bought more than that. Unless a game is truly exceptional (as I think they are) then I don't tend to go back to them so I'm not normally drawn to shinier versions of things I've already played.


*Actually Mario 64 might be four times if you count the Wii and Wii U VC versions separately (you shouldn't).

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It's probably rez for me as well. DC, PS2, 360 and Oculus. 


I bought Dark Souls 3 times determined to get into it. Each time I played for an hour and gave up and sold it. In fact I think I may have downloaded it for really cheap on the 360 as well. 



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Original game - PS3 - Bought at launch.

Original game - 360 - Bought a while later to play the version that actually fucking works.

Remaster - PS4 - Sold it because I wanted...

Remaster - XB1 - Wanted the greater range of mods on Xbox One (Clockwork was fantastic!)



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Ha I did this yesterday, bought Golf Peaks on the Switch and remembered I already got it in that massive Itch.io bundle that was doing the rounds during early lockdown. Still only £1.70 down the drain I suppose.


But I don't do this generally. Apart from Mario 3D All Stars, the only example that springs to mind is Xcom, which I finished on 360 and then later I played through it again on PC.

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