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Whats the most next-gen thing you can fire-up this November?

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Don't know about November really... Playing Star Wars Squadrons on my Oculus feels a very "next-gen thing" in fact it feels more next-gen than the next-gen consoles for me anyway... :D  Next-gen came early for me in January this year when I got my Rift-S and then a newer GPU card and finally Half Life Alyx. Next gen right there for me.

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From the impressions it really seems like Astrobot to be honest, because of how it uses the controller. 


If you're talking purely visually then it's Demon's Souls, no doubt.

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16 hours ago, Alex W. said:

Bugsnax on PS4.

You don’t half do a lot of shit posting nowadays. Genuine shame.


I am so tempted by Demon’s Souls but I just know I’ll get frustrated with the boss battles as I have no patience anymore.

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55 minutes ago, Vemsie said:



The lighting that's coming through the roof looks excellent, but then the electricity that's snaring the player isn't giving off any light at all.

Yeah, we're at the point where it's 'the little things', which is great. But, they all add up still.

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AFAIK all the footage shown of Demon’s so far is using the 60FPS performance mode so perhaps it’ll have even better graphics and effects etc. in 30FPS mode, although it might just be 4K. 

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