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Taking your gaming "backlog" into next gen


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As we approach the dawning of a new gen I am still dealing with a huge backlog of games that I should feel pressured to finish. Of course, because of BC out of the box, it's not so much of an issue.


So currently, on Xbox specifically (as I will be getting a SX) I'm working on: 


• AC Odyssey - After stopping back in May but I need to do the DLC and finish murdering Cultists.

• Supraland - Endless Metroidvania but I am enjoying the sense of reward for solving a puzzle to open up a new area.

• Watchdogs 2 - More openworld shiz, but its fun.

Forza Horizons 3 & 4 - Crisscrossing between these two for some laid back road trips.

•  Destiny 2 - Just finishing the campaigns, bloody good fun and looking forward to the new expansion.

•Day of the Tentacle - Actually playing on PC but as its Play Anywhere on Gamepass...

• Dying Reborn - Weird janky "escape room" style Horror

• SOMA - Proper atmospheric Weekend late night stuff, I can't play much at a time because tension.

Gears 4 - Need to finish before moving onto 5, its...OK.

• Titanfall 2 - Great campaign but I only seem to play it every so often.

• Hypnospace Outlaw - Still cataloguing f***ing webpages!

• Touryst - Need to get to the bottom of that mine still (and finish the game).

Tell Me Why - Need to finish last Chapter, enjoyed it so far.


There are many more, although I might as well class these as abandoned at this point!


Its nice to know that none of these will be left behind come next week but it is equally a sobering thought that the backlog will follow me into this coming gen, no clean break!


How is everyone else coping with their "backlogs" into next gen?

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I was doing ok until I created my Play Want Bin thread now I have about 10 more games to play which I will be taking with me onto the PS5 but I've stopped buying anymore until I have completed these starting with Ghosts of Tshushima.

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I always kept all my older consoles, good games aren't any less brilliant just because they're on older hardware. I'm really glad that the big 2 offer full(ish) BC this time around and double so for Xbox BC which brings the same kind of improvements you'd get from upgrading your PC and turning up the settings.


Of course I'm going to sample all the launch titles because HYPE HYPE HYPE but once the dust settles I'm just going to carry on with what I was doing. Next up I'm really looking forward to finally getting around to Pillars of Eternity 2 (starting over, loved what I played of it but went back to finish the first, first) and Wasteland 3. Maybe Yakuza 7 and Cyberpunk before those two, but they're definitely getting played asap on my fancy new hardware. With Wasteland 3 the SSD should make a world of difference :D


If I lose interest in playing a game, I just delete it from the backlog. But otherwise I enjoy playing through these games :)


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I’ve got around a dozen titles to tick off on the PS4, including a couple just out / coming soon that I’ll pick up in sales / trades early next year.

By the time they’re all complete I may be in a position to upgrade to a PS5. Can start the next gen with a refreshingly clean slate.

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I've promised myself that I was going to clear my current backlog before picking up either of the new consoles. It was 60+ about six months ago but I'm down to fewer than 20 games now:



Divinity Original Sin II

Civilization VI

Batman: Arkham Asylum

Half Life 2: Episode 2

Torchlight 2

Slay the Spire

Radiant Historia

The Walking Dead Seasons 1-3

Assassin's Creed: Odyssey

Alan Wake


Captain Toad

Stories Untold

Bioshock Collection

The Wolf Among Us

Remnant: From the Ashes



The Escapists 2


The issue is that there's quite a few loooong old games there (Divinity and Civ, I'm looking at you) that are nonetheless supposed to be fantastic, so it's going to take me well into next year before I'm clear, I imagine. I'm not sure if my resolve will hold out, especially when all bar two of these are PC games and, for one reason or another, I don't have access to my PC as readily as I do to consoles. We'll see...

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Yeah my list is fairly sizeable to and I already have game pass for the xbox and 3 ps5 games ordered.


Current PS4 list -

  • Finish re-reckoning
  • Kingdom hearts 3
  • The outer worlds
  • Mass effect andromeda
  • Arkham asylum
  • Star wars jedi fallen order
  • Pathfinder: Kingmaker
  • Divinity 2
  • Nier automata
  • Trails of cold steel 1, 2 & 3
  • Fairy Fencer F
  • World of Final fantasy

There are a few others that I own but I'm not as bothered about playing those ^_^ They will be if I just have nothing else to play at any point in the future.

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Don't think of a backlog anymore. As my games collection is all digital these days just play what I want when I want to and never get stressed about not finishing anything at all. If the mood takes me I'll just play something. Zero guilt.


When I had cases and disks sat on the shelf I felt compelled to finish something to move it on and re-coup some costs. Now with GamePass and digital games they are there whatever. Can't do anything with them. So I can pick up and play when the mood suits.


Think largely the "pile of shame" is to do with having physical items that are cluttering up your space making you aware that you have spent money on something and not used it. Similar in a way to books etc I guess....

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47 minutes ago, MattyP said:

Don't think of a backlog anymore. As my games collection is all digital these days just play what I want when I want to and never get stressed about not finishing anything at all. If the mood takes me I'll just play something. Zero guilt.

Exactly what I was trying to say in a roundabout way. With digital and full BC, I just have a single games collection nowadays and play whatever takes my fancy at that time. Doesn't matter if it's OG Xbox, 360, XB1, or XsX. PC was already there when I started PC gaming in 2010, I just have a Steam collection - upgrading to a completely new rig doesn't mean I suddenly lose interest in games published before the manufacture date of my new graphics card. Consoles have finally caught up.


And I second not stressing about having a backlog. I have a collection of games and I play what I want for fun and escapism. Now that we have full BC with the previous gen, there is no artificial cutoff point on consoles anymore. In fact, like I said earlier, on Xbox it just means my games will suddenly load a lot quicker, and perform and look better. It's perfect, makes this hobby of ours that much more enjoyable.


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53 minutes ago, MattyP said:

Don't think of a backlog anymore. As my games collection is all digital these days just play what I want when I want to and never get stressed about not finishing anything at all. If the mood takes me I'll just play something. Zero guilt.

What's really weird is that's EXACTLY how I treated games on PS1 and PS2, GBA, all that. Somewhere between then and now I've been getting the sort of anxiety I'd have over only half-reading a book. I need to embrace playing stuff for the joy of it.


I think I'll bin off Destiny 2 entirely though, it's a fucking chore.

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I think for me the main difference is not having to manage multiple console generations at once to play what I want to play.


Beginning of this past gen I still had the 360 and PS3 hooked up under the TV as well as the Xbone. I was still playing a multitude of games on the old platforms like Bioshock Infinite, Witcher 2 etc with barely anything to play on the new consoles anyway. Like I said, less stress on that front now knowing its all in one box with the same account etc (or two boxes if you are buying both Sony and MS).

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I'm still almost entirely physical but still don't treat anything as a backlog. I suppose I'm lucky I've got a space I can set up all of my consoles in and usually have 6-10 of them hooked into the 3 screens at any one time. It's a wonderful thing being able to pop in a Mega Drive game, play whatever, then to play the 360 all I have to do is turn the flat screen and 360 on and I'm in and ready to play. I can understand how people can feel sad or anxious or any other emotion if a new console means putting the old one in a cupboard or selling it or whatever.

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