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Xbox Series X | S Dispatch thread.


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Situation is as follows....


Series S (not as urgent as its an Xmas present for my son ) - Argos DHL stll says it is at the depot so hasn't left depot yet so no 1hr slot


Series X (URGENT) - Amazon logistics left depot 9am and will be with me between 12 and 4 but no update on how many stops or map etc grrrrr


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1 hour ago, fattakin said:

From Tamworth to Belfast in one day? I doubt it - tho I’ve moved me day off until tomorrow so I’m ok with it, I’m a grown up after all. :unsure:




I’ve the exact same updates. Still showing delivery tomorrow. Stupid sea. 

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19 minutes ago, Eighthours said:

Ex-RPS man John Walker had the Amazon delay email but the chat bot told him it was still due today. He then requested a call back from an actual human... who rang him and said that it would indeed be delivered today. There's still hope for us all!


Hello, I'm Mr Piss On Your Chips. The chatbot and the human will be pulling from the same system, which won't update itself until it breaches its own timeframe. Said system won't be taking into account all these emails being sent out. It's just a product release that Amazon, in their eyes, have slightly delayed for a few of their customers who they have over a barrel.


Not like we're going to go out to a shop instead is it?


16 minutes ago, jon_cybernet said:

Did people who got the delay email from Amazon also get the "Good news, we'll be delivering your console on launch day!" email? 


Yes... :mad:


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Just now, Pockets said:


Pretty convinced I'm fucked now. I'm down the road from Grays in Southend so mine should be sat there too if anything but it's in Ipswich.


I dunno, I was confused that someone else said theirs was in Croydon which is prolly closer to me (West Kent).  Mine being over the bridge gives me anxiety.

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1 hour ago, womble9 said:

Anyone who's expecting theirs to be delivered via UPS and has been given a timed delivery slot might want to take it with a pinch of salt. 


Mine was down for coming between 9:30 and 13:30 but I just got back from my morning walk to find out they've been / carded me and it's going to be at my local collection point from 7PM tonight. Not the end of the world personally but might be a bit of a 'mare for someone who's perhaps taken the day off or who's collection point is tricky to get to. 

Morning walk on delivery day?! Amateur hour over here. 

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19 minutes ago, Sixkiller said:

DHL are 8 stops away with my argos order.  Amazon yet to deliver to my collection hub.  Looks like Argos are going to win the race and I'll keep theirs and cancel the Amazon one.


Amazon have, in the last 24 hours, sent me codes for £10 off a controller, and 40% off 3 months of Gamepass ultimate.  Already used the controller code and can't see they'll cancel the gamepass code if i cancel the xbox order, so thanks Jeff :)


How are you getting stop info? 


I assume it gives you that once it has left the depot? 


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7 minutes ago, Darren said:

Oh bloody hell, my UPS 9-1 slot has now changed to "by end of day." The van's probably crashed or been hijacked.


The van is back on the road/hijackers defeated, and my 9-1 slot is restored! Huzzah, brave UPS driver, you road warrior!

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still no dhl update on timeslot and tracking site times out - aaagghhhh (and this is for the non-urgent S that I dont need today :D )


I heard the letterbox go and my 49 year old creaky frame leapt up and sprinted down the stairs at a speed beyond my years! It was the post and it wasnt an Xbox Series X - fucksticks

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