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Xbox Series X | S Dispatch thread.


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1 hour ago, Harsin said:

Has anyone actually had an Amazon one get past the final delivery station stage? From here, Resetera and other forums it feels like every Xbox Series X (not S which seems unaffected) order they've taken has been delayed to Thursday and now it's just a case of the delay emails going out in waves.


28 minutes ago, Chooch said:

I’ve the exact same updates. Still showing delivery tomorrow. Stupid sea. 

At least it's not had to go through post Brexit checks yet.

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13 minutes ago, Indy @ S.E. said:

Has anyone managed to get DPD's real time tracking working in their browser?


Tried Edge and Chrome but just displays standard message about when to expect it and options to change on top of a blurred out map screen.


The app is fine.

Yeah works fine 

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this would make a cracking Netflix special... can chronicle every step along the way such as Microsoft's journey to get the product ready, the online sellers trying to manage preorders, the logistics firms trying to cope and then us nutters frantically refreshing browsers and apps (hanging out of windows) to see if its any closer.


All set to a Hans Zimmer soundtrack and presented in 4K HDR with Dolby Atmos.

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44 minutes ago, Sixkiller said:

DHL are 8 stops away with my argos order.  Amazon yet to deliver to my collection hub.  Looks like Argos are going to win the race and I'll keep theirs and cancel the Amazon one.


Amazon have, in the last 24 hours, sent me codes for £10 off a controller, and 40% off 3 months of Gamepass ultimate.  Already used the controller code and can't see they'll cancel the gamepass code if i cancel the xbox order, so thanks Jeff :)


and just like that, things change.  I updated the delivery address with Argos a week ago so it'd come to home instead of work (due to lockdown) but just had a call from DHL as he was outside my closed office.  Absolute shambles, and glad I've got the Amazon backup now, not going through the hassle and delay of rearranging delivery with DHL.

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The front page of Amazon has a giant Xbox banner 9n it today to rub it in.


One thing I'll say about us Amazon peeps is even if it’s late the. if there's some horrible faults with some of the new consoles (which there always are) then at least they'll be decent for returns/replacements whereas ShopTo guys... good luck with that.

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Amazon via Hermes:


10:31 - Tue 10 Nov

Your friendly local courier will try to deliver between 09:00 and 13:00 today


This is getting real!  :omg:


They are trolling me though, Amazon already delivered 2 parcels this morning, 6 rolls of parcel tape and another parcel for my wife <_<

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I ordered the All Access bundle via Game and I’m rather glad I volunteered to wake up early and take the kids to school today, because the postman turned up before 8am. That never, ever happens (well, not since about 2007) so I can only assume he was trying to catch me out. :lol:

I haven’t played anything yet, so my early impressions are limited to thinking that the menus are a lot snappier than on the One X and that the d-pad is very pleasingly clicky.

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1 minute ago, Dusted said:

I'm like a fucking meerkat here - every vehicle that goes past has me looking to see what it is...


With Royal Mail to be delivered between 8:51am - 12:51pm.


I'm at the end of a cul-de-sac, and I've never noticed my neighbours going out and then coming back so much! Why today! :facepalm:

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