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Xbox Series X | S Dispatch thread.


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43 minutes ago, BarryL85 said:

OMG :o:o:o


Hold out hope people. I was told this would be Thurs 12th.






37 minutes ago, womblingfree said:

Well jelly. First thing I’d do would be fire up Destiny 2 at 4k 60fps.


Shame they’ve chosen today to take the servers offline.


Alas, Destiny 2 on console is capped at 30, so it needs a Bungie patch which is coming next month.


Also best of luck @Scribblor.

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24 minutes ago, Hawklord said:

It's here! :omg:


No pics as I'm working (and at this rate I'll be working late :( ) but got it downloading a 794Mb update


Semi sideways pic as I'm over at my desk working. Would prefer it to the left of the TV but the plug doesn't stretch 



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Wife works part time and in all day today apart from a 15 minute window where she had to pick the kids up from school. Guess exactly which window of time Amazon attempted delivery?


Luckily they followed my delivery instructions to leave it in the play house in the garden, squeaky bum the whole I waited for my wife to get home and confirm it was still there!

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16 minutes ago, Waggo said:

Mine arrived at 09:50 this morning.  Just a shame I am still stuck at work, on what feels like the longest shift ever!!!!!!

At 47 years old I really do need to grow up.:lol:


Snap! I'm also 47 & I'm gospvg [..getting old & still playing video games..]

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