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DISPATCHED! - The PlayStation 5 "IT'S HAPPENING!" thread


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1 minute ago, AceGrace said:

It won't go like on DPD app until the night before or at the latest first thing Thurday morning.


Ok I'll try to contain myself till then, it seemed no one had issues with argos last week, but then they used DHL last week too.

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My XsX order last week was an emotional rollercoaster because our equivalent of the Royal Mail is royally overloaded at the moment. Everything everyone everywhere is suffering massive delays. I was hoping the PS5 would fare better but yesterday my order for the Switch 2 (aka the Nintendo Game n Watch) was also estimated for around 10 in the morning and turned up at 9 in the evening. So I'm going in with expectations set accordingly.


Also, I ordered both consoles from the same Dutch equivalent of Amazon, and the XsX arrived in the most minimum packaging possible short of simply putting it in a bag like some store in the UK apparently did. It was in a proper cardboard box at least, but a way bigger box than necessary and it was rattling around freely in there, zero filler. Thankfully the XsX packaging itself is sublime so the console was safe - I hope the PS5 is the same.


I'm still HYPED but now also equally WORRIED.





so close

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Also, usually I'm totally onboard with UK English and try to avoid American Yee Haw English as much as possible, but you lost me at "despatch". That sounds more like the name of a Star Trek character (Kira Nerys, Des Patch, Jadzia Dax - see?) than a genuine word in an otherwise beautiful language :)


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I have a digital and a disc version on order from Amazon. Money now pending on card for both but only one is showing as dispatched.


They're using their new method of giving you a pin and the delivery guy has to hear you read the pin before he'll hand it over. Reassuring.

Both coming from Amazon logistics. Bit less reassuring.

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