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DISPATCHED! - The PlayStation 5 "IT'S HAPPENING!" thread


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49 minutes ago, Nathan Wind said:

Well I can tell you that Birchwood isn't on the Isle of Man as a starter for ten.


Edit - It's in Warrington, which is the Hermes hub it's coming through so no doubt it's just a kink on the reporting system and that just means it's left the depot.  Either that or someone's getting a free PS5.


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I've not received any e-mail updates from Amazon on the order is showing as 'Dispatched Today' and has a Tracking ID, which lets be honest means fuck all until the actual delivery company reach out.


Still.... :omg:


On the more important GAME order front. No further communication from them on it being confirmed as in store to be collected at midnight / tomorrow morning so just need that to come through and the last 2 months of nail biting and sleepless nights will be all worth it.

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6 minutes ago, Madness said:

Guess who forgot to put their street address on their pre order? It just has my house number and postcode. I’m hoping that’s enough information for the courier to get here! :unsure:


Is that Argos? your street doesn't appear on the website for some reason but they will have your full address

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2 hours ago, Mr. Gerbik said:

Dutch Digital massive represent! :omg: My order has been shipped :omg:



Our Amazon equivalent is sending out the digital editions first and that works for me :D



Who are the best to order from here? Sounds like you went with BOL?

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8 minutes ago, Thor said:

My PS5 order is now coming via DPD from Centresoft - looks like they're the distributor for Argos on this one. 

Same with shopto - order directly from Centersoft who are a retailer distributer - looks like they're holding the PS5 stock for most of the UK!

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