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DISPATCHED! - The PlayStation 5 "IT'S HAPPENING!" thread


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Just now, MansizeRooster said:

My PS5 left the Amazon store 10 minutes away from me at 11:26 last night, spent the night in Edinburgh, and has now been checked into my local post office at 4:26 a.m!


How are people seeing timeslots with Amazon? The website isn't giving any information like that out.


You'll get an e-mail/notification when you've got your slot.

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On 16/11/2020 at 20:14, Marlew said:



I can confirm that the new breakfast roll is decent. Not up there with the sadly-missed, late, great Breakfast Wrap but as a lighter, healthier (relatively speaking) alternative to the double sausage McMuffin, it's a good un. Would I try it again? I think I would. No great cravings but it's got its own unique vibe. Almost like a regular old-school 69p hamburger rubbery sweetness to the bun itself and a well-balanced stack of breakfast fillings which never threaten to spill out or collapse the bun. If I had the option of fucking work off on Thursday, I would absolutely join you and compare tasting notes before collecting my PS5, getting it set up, downloading Demon's Souls and blasting piping hot piss down the vents. 


Just to confirm. The breakfast roll (with ketchup) was rather lovely. I remembered to put the heated seat on in the passenger side of the car so it stayed warm during the drive home.


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4 minutes ago, Billy Brown said:

Got very lucky with a disc version from John Lewis just now (I think).


Search for PlayStation 5 (rather than PS5) then add to basket from the thumbnail. Don’t click on the product page as it doesn’t work. Good luck!

Well done!


John Lewis home page isn't even loading for me :lol:

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Eyyy :D Nice one!  I can't even get on to it. :lol:


It's not for me, I have 3 arriving today. (3!) But my sister wants one for my nephew, so I'm desperately trying to secure one for her.  The spare I had she had no interest in, so I offered it elsewhere, now she is desperately trying to get one for my nephew for xmas.  Sigh. :)

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