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DISPATCHED! - The PlayStation 5 "IT'S HAPPENING!" thread


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Just got my controller.

No charge cable so got one from my Samsung T3 SSD. It only charges when plugged into the PS4, it won’t charge from my extension plug brick thing with usb slots and it wouldn’t charge when connected to an iPad Pro charger....strange.

Obviously and strangely you can’t use it on PS4.

Ios doesn’t recognise the Bluetooth so no good there.

Tried to USB it to iPad and remote play but it doesn’t work with that either.


Definitely a heavier controller over all, it feels packed full of stuff.
Sticks feel lovely, the buttons are slightly smaller, trigger feel great and are bigger as with the shoulder buttons.

When tapping the controller or pressing a button there is a strange faint after shock vibration that runs through the controller. If you have the controller try just tapping the shoulder buttons, Somethings vibrating inside.


I’m not crazy about the shape and feel of the horns though. They are slightly thinner and have a flater inside edge which every so slightly crunches my 2 smaller fingers.

Dpad isn’t quite as colicky as the 4 either. It’s softer.

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Just now, HarryBizzle said:

You do need the dongle. Strangely, the Pulse uses a big fat dongle like the v1 Golds, rather than the slimmer one that came with the v2. 


Not sure how big the dongle with the golds is but the pulse dongle is smaller than the one with my Platinum headset. 

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I didn't pre-order as I was unsure if a PS5 or Switch was a suitable purchase... I'd like to order on the 19th from John Lewis for their 2yr warranty.


- Assume I need to be up at 23:59 on the 18th to order, correct?

- JL Website only has the disc version on there. Assume the Digital version will appear in time?

- Does anyone else offer 2yrs warranty? (Waitrose in store maybe, at part of the JL group?)

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6 minutes ago, HarryBizzle said:



Nearly cacked my pants when I read the “due to the unprecedented,” bit. 


Clearly Customer Services being harangued by people with too much time on their hands. 



made me wonder just how many consoles they have coming in. Something is obviously creating a bottleneck, perhaps payment, perhaps they absolutely must put aside with a name and address consoles to avoid people paying and reviving nothing.

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4 hours ago, HarryBizzle said:

I hear the Pulse is no more comfortable than the Golds for prolonged periods. I can't really wear mine for longer than 30 mins without them starting to become uncomfortable.


I'd be nice if there was a SteelSeries model that worked on both Xbox and PS5.

The Steelseries 7x works with the Xbox, Playstation and just about everything else.

It might be a better option although it doesn't have the chat balance feature of the pulse.(you would have to adjust the balance in party chat)

The mic is also a lot better, check this out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9B9dVdFGy3o

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Just waiting for Demon’s Souls tomorrow and the console next week now. Pad feels lovely - sticks feel really smooth when rotated!


No idea where I’m going to put the camera; won’t sit on top of my OLED TV and I’ve got a chunky soundbar taking up the rest of my unit top.

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