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Shot these at the Benelux pressconference about two weeks ago


Important: shots were taken from the not finished at all ps2 beta version. So do not post these elsewhere, ok (and claim they are from the real version!. Thank you :angry:

Side info: Driv3r can be a success, just because of the name Driver everybody seems to have remembered. I just would like to see better and far more exciting 'walking' sessions (40% of the game if on foot, 60% in car - if I remember correctly (cyhwuhx, help me here will you <_< )). The rest is coming along really well.

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.::: Here they are;

DRIV3R maintheme: "Hollywood car-chases"

Game Types


-take a ride

-driving games





More than 165 miles of road

44500 buildings in total

78 carmodels excluding boats/bikes and one truck

Multiple startingpositions (some are initially locked)

Map integration/swap with game (feels like a Flash-animation)

Improves Stuntman-physics engine (a bit too loose though).

Real- and self-shadowing objects.

Full modell damage (from tyres to windscreen and everything in between)

'Bullet-time Toy'  - Pull both triggers/L-R buttons at once and the game goes into bullet-time. No limits as to the frequency and length of use. Can ONLY be used in-car.

On foot/out of car is FPS controls (without gun on-screen). Exceptionally dull in comaprison.

Grenades allow cars to be blown up 'realistically'.

Missions are mainly carbased, on-foot will be less (60%-40%)

Slight pop-up or even 'drop-up'; cars 'fall' into the game world when they need to be visible instead of fading in from a position. Like they are spawned above ground.

Bike handling is very arcade-oriented combined with realistic physics (you are not prone to crashing). Feels odd in a game with a high sense of realism.

Film Director

-Hollywood like "playground"

-Available in both in-mission and take-a-ride sessions.

Up to "several" minutes of replay.

FMV cutscenes are used to enhance atmosphere (only broke it down IMO).

47 minutes FMV in total.

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