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PlayStation 5 stock alerts


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Just now, Parappa said:

I got my Pro and PSVR on launch day from Very - they were excellent to be honest. 


Yes, I dare say my observations are completely unjustfied and unfounded. It's not an online retailer I've ever used for anthying, perception is a funny old thing.

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I've, for some reason, always been a Nintendo and Xbox platform gamer but its lockdown, my monthly expenditure is much less than normal, so I'd probably treat myself to the digital console to play things I've missed over the years like Spiderman. 


But yeah, I'm not about to start searching like a mad man for a console. If it was there in stock on Amazon I'd probably go for it but can't be arsed otherwise. 


Of course, Sony wouldn't have wanted this to happen but I am sure they are frustrated that what could be a great time for selling electronic entertainment to people and the consoles are bloody massively supply constrained. 


Half tempted to just see if I can buy a cheap second hand PS4 Pro but it does seem a little self defeating in terms of future proofing. 

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11 hours ago, marsh said:

I got bored the other night and started deliberately low balling scalpers on ebay with best offers ranging from 99p to £3.67. Because fuck them.


I do this to any prick that sets the price as free on facebook marketplace and then puts the price in the description

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Yeah it’s by region. Last time it slowly went in stock over different regions over a few hours.


thankfully my weak bladder woke me up. Had a quick check of the twitch stream and it was going nuts. Popped onto the app and ordered. Very lucky.


although they have charged me twice so I’ve got some explaining to do in the morning. 

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20 minutes ago, Malc said:

Fuck man, I hope not! 

I just checked the status this morning when I woke up and it’s changed to that. I wonder if that means it never even reached the delivery truck for transit?

I've had the same issue a couple of times over the last week where this has happened and the items have all been delivered the next day. Hope this is the case for your PS5

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58 minutes ago, Gigawatt said:

Good to see Argos doing their bit to combat bots by making stock available when most people will be able to get online :angry:  


Yep, the only conclusion is they actually quite like bots doing the purchasing for the obvious reasons.

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9 minutes ago, grungekid said:

Argos is currently saying add to checkout for me but then says there was error when adding to checkout every time... Does this mean they're gone?

Been the same for me when I tried at 6:30. They probably all went hours before that.

Still, 1st time I've actually seen one in a basket. Just a matter of time now!

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