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I was at Costco this morning and a guy outside was sat with a PS5 box - I assume he got it there, so if you have a Costco card and it's not too far from you, it might be worth a trip if you want one.

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On 29/07/2021 at 21:52, marsh said:

Are these things still a twat to get hold of?

I’ve lost a bit of interest now. I think most people on here who really wanted one has got one though. 

I just can’t muster enough enthusiasm to hover over several webpage tabs and Twitter feeds to get one. Fair play to those that can be arsed. For me, it’s a bit like being hungry for ages until you just get past it a bit and have beans on toast or something instead. 

Edit: and you realise those switch games beans on toast were fucking lovely in the end. 

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