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Retro game club 2: 8bit boogaloo

Ninja Doctor

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So this kinda died a slow death of a thousand cuts. So here goes attempt 2. 

I’ve got a craving to look at playing the original prince of Persia. Nothing to do with the recent retro gamer articles on the remake honest. 

I haven’t decided which format yet, I recall the dmg gameboy version being quite well regarded. 

anyone have any thoughts on any other formats/great memories of playing it?

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I first played the Apple II version, randomly enough. There was the kid in the area a bit younger than me who we got to know through local SMS game lending, and he was keen one day to show us something on his dad's computer. He also showed us some of (presumably) his older brother's porn mag stash a bit later that first afternoon but I digress.


The game was just magical, the satisfaction of pulling off a long jump and managing to grab on a ledge and pull yourself up immense, the quality of the animation like nothing if seen before..and it blew my mind enough to make me bug him into letting me play it again a few more times. 


Some time later I was lucky to find myself playing my mate's SNES version when that was a grey import, and we played it pretty hard. Expecting to complete it one summer's night and discovering extra levels which were set in dungeons in a perpetual fiery blaze was incredible, and felt not totally unlike the moment when the second upsidedown castle emerged at the 'end' of Castlevania SOTN. It was an event.


I subsequently owned the SMS and Mega CD ports but the SNES version kinda spoiled me I think, and I ended up having to own my own copy of that too..which I never completed as the final level just straight out stumped me.


There's a nice hack of the Mega Drive port which aims to faithfully recreate the original game's tile graphics (and from memory might also reduce some of the input lag of that particular version), which might be worth trying out.

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So I had a little look and figured the original Mac version (not the Apple ][ version) would be best to hunt down. 

I do have a Mac but it’s an intel one and classic environment has been removed as I’m on 10.13. 

so I need a classic Mac emulator, so mini vMac is being looked at. Need to find a classic Mac rom however...


beginning to wonder if this is worth the effort, maybe sdl pop is worth a look. 

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