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Colonel Panic

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22 hours ago, Camel said:

I realise I’m being slow, but what are they trying to say with this tweet? I don’t really get it.

I think the post @spanky debrest shared helps with context. They're just being arseholes, and it's difficult to see why aside from him being a competitor. And if that's the case.. fucking hell. If it's anything else? Fucking hell.


I'm glad I saw how the TO lot were when it came to making their Neo Geo flash carts a few years ago; made sure I'd never give them the time of day for anything else they ever produced.


Also the deleted tweet was in response to this - nothing to do with Spain taking Ukrainian immigrants, Krikkz has a residency permit already:


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The Krikkz store is back up and running again with some stuff in stock so if you're after anything in particular it's worth a look as soon as you can.


I wanted the GBA and X7 GB Carts but they're both now out of stock. Ended up going for the X3 GB cart in the end which will hopefully tide me over and fingers crossed work in my Pocket until I can get hold of an X7.

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Everything was out of stock about 5 minutes after my post. 

I guess with the current ‘unpredictable’ state of affairs in Ukraine both they and the majority of customers wouldn’t want to be taking / paying money for items with no definite production and when everything sells almost as soon as it’s put on the website there’s really no benefit to taking pre-orders without payment upfront. 

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Wow, just had a look and eBay prices are mental


I know it’s only adding to the problem but I’m half tempted to sell my fairly recent Everdrives and buy them back when the situation returns to normal

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