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5 hours ago, ThePinkNinja said:



Edit: ah no just seen I need a sync box too :(. No good for me then since it appears to only support HDMI and no DP so oh well!

Not if you only want it for PC. You only need the hub, some Hue lights, gradient strip, bulbs, Go Play Bars etc and the apps. Sync box is needed for connecting TV cable boxes, PS5 and Blu Ray players etc.


As I posted above, I do all my media consuming via my PC and a big majority of my gaming, it works great for that. It's fast as fuck for matching the screen, well it is for me. 


I was actually going to buy a sync box due to getting a PS5 and would like it for a few games on that, oh and my Switch. But I play anything from MS and multiplatform stuff at top 4K HDR settings on my PC and the sync PC app works boss for all of it.


I still may get a sync box as although I've just got a 77" C1 with 4K 120 VRR capability and 2.1 HDMI I'm happy just with 60 fps for both Switch and PS5. The Sync box is getting an update soon that'll enable VRR 120 at 1440p or VRR 60 at 4K, all with Atmos and HDR capability. I may hang on in the hope of a true 2.1 sync box successor but I think this update could push me to get one now. It'll make it play decent with the new features of my TV.


I'll probably buy one tonight now after typing that out and putting it in my mind haha.

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