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What last gen or older game would benefit the most from a next gen patch or re-release?

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I would truly love to have a version of Dragon's Dogma that doesn't run like a dog's dinner. Sharp loading times and 60fps would make it essential, and it's why I've always been disappointed by it numerous console re-releases failing to provide that.

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Crackdown 3 with orb visibility cranked way up so I can find those last three agility orbs. 


I suppose they could add in stuff like the world reacting more to the order you achieve objectives in and whatnot but focus on the orb thing. Thats very important.


Doom with a 120fps mode sounds nice. My tv wouldn't support it but I want it anyway. 


Crysis Remastered at 4K would be good too.  

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20 hours ago, HarryBizzle said:

Arkham Knight is just an incredibly looking game when you consider it launched in 2015. The level of detail of Gotham, rain effects, etc. 

Give me that in 4K60. Add in HDR and some RT and it would be absolutely mind boggling. 

Fantastic suggestion.  I’d like all of the Arkham games to be given this treatment.

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I'm not talking about full on remaster requests here




Tekken 7.

They are still releasing new stuff for it so I'd like to see it get an update to take advantage of the new consoles. The PS4 Pro version tops out at 1080p while the Xbox version is 720p most of the time with no One X version. 

It's 2020, we should get ray-traced Heihachi in 4K.


Streetfighter V as well. With PS5 loading times it could almost behave like a cartridge game. 




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After dabbling with Quake 2 RTX, I’d love to see a complete remake of the original Quake, using the Doom Eternal engine with ray tracing etc. Maybe even get Mick Gordon to update Trent Reznor’s epic soundtrack. 

I’d also like to see The Need for Speed (3DO) remade in 4K. And bring back the annoying X-man!

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