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Good PS4/5 and Xbox games for younger kids


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8 hours ago, dreamylittledream said:

 Add Human Fall Flat to the list crazy physics platformers that the under 10s appear to find irresistible (well my two do anyway).  Oh and Roblox because they also seem to love that junk too.


5 is still prime Nintendo fare mind...a Pokemon obsession is probably only a simple purchase away...

I wish my 8 year old didn’t play Roblox, tbh. He spends hours on it whenever I have him, and 99.9% of the games on there are TERRIBLE. It’s baffling how he can sit there for hours waiting for timers or grinding for points to afford rubbish power-ups, when there’s a library of actually well designed titles waiting for him to play. Aaaaargh.

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Lego Worlds is also shite.


Another shout here for the excellent Toy Story 3. Also take a look at Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts. My kids were obsessed with that when younger. Many of the toys to life games might be worth a look too - you could get a massive set of Skylanders second hand for peanuts and some of the games were great (and co-op). Plus they can play with the toys for real.


Ultimately though,  if he likes Minecraft all of these recommendations are pointless. If he likes Minecraft there will be only Minecraft and Dan fucking TDMs voice boring through your skull for eternity.

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Donut County is now on Game Pass and nice and simple (you control a hole in the ground that gets bigger as you swallow things). 

Probably the most child friendly game I’ve found on Game Pass. Everything else requires a lot of help from me for my 4yo. 

You can put the stick sensitivity right down to make it easier to control as he found it a bit finnicky on the default. 

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I have been playing streets of rage 4 with my 7 year old girl. We are having a great time. I can help her and sometimes just let her take the last punch on bosses and stuff.    She is even staring to learn the tells and moving up and down to avoid hits. She does get a bit wired up so I tend to always keep the sessions short. 

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So after going through Lego City Undercover (twice), Goose Game, Lego Ninjago Movie and Phogs over the past couple of months I think I'm going to pickup the Lego Marvel Collection in the sale. £25 for three more of the Lego games seems like pretty good value and my lad is getting into his Superheroes more now.

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