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Budget / Stocking filler recommends!

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Hey peeps!  Looking for a decent game or two, maybe around the 10-15 quid mark, to chuck in some stockings this xmas. 


No requirements other than more than 2 player if poss, just tell me what you'd buy for someone :)


Mine would be this, if anyone else needs a recommend:

Don't get got, Xmas edition: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Big-Potato-Dont-Get-Got/dp/B07Z7ZBDJG/ 


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I'll throw into the ring :


Sprawlopolis (1-4 players, co-op.  Variable set up.  Pocket sized and priced.)


Epic Card Game (1-4 players - though 2 player is best.  Magic:The Gathering style, but without the money sink.  Loads of game in the box - even deck-building.)


London (2-4 players.  A mid weight Martin Wallace Tableau Builder.  Bizarrely is only about £15, despite being nothing like 'stocking filer' sized.)



And, a curveball


Tides Of Madness (2 Player only, very beautiful trick taking game.)


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Skull is showing up as in stock in a couple of places, and I believe it's the most amount of fun that up to six people can have for under £20.


Star Realms is a popular deckbuilder, a single box supports two players, with two boxes you can have a four-player game.

Its fantasy cousin Hero Realms is a little pricer but supports four players out of the box.

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Shut Up & Sit Down cover this (almost) very topic.


21 hours ago, revlob said:


Skull is showing up as in stock in a couple of places, and I believe it's the most amount of fun that up to six people can have for under £20.


This is true and anyone who doesn’t  have Skull should either buy Skull or have it bought for them.


Sushi Go Party and Diamante are also utterly spectacular and cheap.

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Have a look in your local Range/Home Sense/TK Maxx/ WH Smiths if you have no small independent shop.


All the above are really going to town on the deck games and board games this year. 


I got DEER LORD for less than a fiver in Range the other day, not had a play as its for Christmas but it looks well for the money as it came with two add-ons too. 






& This bargain from WH Smiths





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On 04/12/2020 at 16:30, Clipper said:

£12.50 (17 inc postage) for a family talisman game (its not really talisman but the mechanics look fun). Looks to be a lot of game for very little money




The site is legit it is where GamesLore sell their clearance stuff

I have now playtested this with my 9 yr old son and this is a great game for £17 (that inc postage) - for the younger player but the play mechanics surrounding drawing tokens from bags and adding tokens to bags is definitely engaging for the up to "tween" age(kill me now for using that term)


It has limited number of scenarios which is a real shame but great fun to play as a team.


Still instock and well worth a punt at that price.

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