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PHOGS! - They're back! In Phog Form!

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PHOGS! (Pronounced "Fogs") is out today on pretty much everything and it seems to be reviewing exceptionally well. 



PHOGS! is possibly one of the best co-op games ever made and the perfect remedy for a hellish 12 months.



After playing PHOGS!, I actually found myself in a better mood, the cheerful and delightful nature of dogs encapsulated in this gorgeous game an uplifting experience. It was the cozy, cute platform puzzler I was expecting and then some, surprising me towards the end with how it handled gameplay progression. If you even think for a split second that PHOGS! might be your bag of treats, don’t deprive yourself — I double dog dare you to pick up PHOGS! today and take these goodest doggos for walkies.




PHOGS! is a fantastic puzzle-platformer for all ages, combining well-designed mechanics with a bright, enchanting aesthetic. Playable alone or with a friend locally or online, there are plenty of levels to keep you busy, and plenty of collectables to seek out and invest your hard-earned bones in. Though at times the lack of camera controls and collision glitches can lead to some unfortunate demises, the experience is one well worth investing in and is not to be missed.



Essentially it's a co-op puzzler (both couch and online) where you each control the head of a conjoined dog. Yeah, you read that right. Anyway, it's on Gamepass which should give it some exposure and it's installed on my Xbox ready for my other half tonight. 



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Played a bit earlier. Totally built for co-op. Don't think I will play it again to be fair as I think you can only play with friends online and not randoms and I don't chat or play with anyone on my friends list

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Had an hour or so on this last night. Cute game lovely visuals. Music grates though and drove me nuts after 10mins or so. Looks good fun to play in co-op with someone that doesn't play games that often or a young child. Personally not sure if there is enough here for me to pick it up again. I think I played Human Fall Flat through and that pushed me to the edge a bit regarding games not having tight controls. Seem to have spent more time fighting the controls (maybe that is the point?!) to get the character to do what I wanted than enjoying the puzzle solving. This feel a bit like that. But cuter.  On par I did enjoy Human Fall Flat but I wouldn't play it again. :D

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