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I've just been on the website for one of my favourite bands, 'HORSEtheband' (full on maniacal nintendocore) and there's a part on the editorial stating they are going to be on a British gaming tv show, does anyone know what show this could be?

Quote from the site:

Also we are going to be on a British TV show about video games and they are going to film us going xtreme clubbing in Koreatown on Feb 21 and DO NOT COME TO KOREATOWN THAT NIGHT, you will ruin our interview.

If this is so, I think it's the greatest leap british t.v has ever taken. HORSEtheband are like a fresh of breath air in the stale atmostphere that is modern music. Plus, cutsman is the greatest ode to Megaman, no, videogames - ever.

Check the guys out here

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Gamepad? Around the world in 80 games? Cybernet? Gamezville?!

Probably Gamezville. :)

Or maybe Consolevania.

I really don't think it's going to be gamesville somehow.

Check the bottom of my sig for some sample lyrics. Oh, plus they sound like converge crossed with a nes.

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