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Back 4 Blood - spiritual successor to L4D

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I think Left 4 Dead 1 and 2 are as pure as co-op experiences get and there really hasn't been anything to beat them since the second one. I'm not going to pin hopes on this. I've been let down too many times. But if it keeps the weapon count low, has no fucking crafting system, and does away with any monetisation bullshit* it could be very good


EDIT: just checked the second video because it won't play on here, yeah that's Left 4 Dead 3. I hope the characters are as good as L4D. They were really something special. I still cry out "God damn it, Francis!" like Bill when something goes wrong in multiplayer. And any booster item in a game gets a shout of "Pills here!"




* Warner Brothers lol

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Even Valve themselves couldn't quite recapture the magic of the original cast in the sequel so I'm not too concerned if this doesn't either. As long as this maintains the same degree of dependence upon your teammates and great level design of the originals I'm totally in.

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I look ridiculously forward to this. As a predominantly single player game type of player, most of my fondest memories come from online multiplayer with Mukkers. I've never played Left 4 Dead, but it's impossible to not have at least heard of that game and how great it is/was.


Can we get a PS5 band together?

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“Meet the cleaners”


introduces the player characters and some of the zombies...err sorry, the “ridden”. 

Looks like left 4 dead but more fast paced. There’s even a witch like character called “snitcher” that alerts other zombies if it sees you. There’s the fat explodey one, the jumpy one that climbs, one that ropes you in, a tanky one and so on. Really not pushing things too far out from the l4d formula. 

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I’m not sure about this anymore now. It all seems a little too similar.  I really want this to be good but I suspect it may end up being largely ignored by a lot of people. Hope not. 

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