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Back 4 Blood - spiritual successor to L4D


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6 hours ago, Waggo said:

Totally agree with all of the above from Danster.  

I think somewhat perversely this game has been damaged by being a day 1 GP release.  In that yes you do need to put some effort in to get the most out of the game, but once you do that and get a decent team of players together it is excellent fun.  But scores of people trying it out for ‘free’ and bouncing straight off it, then trashing it has done the game no favours.  Added to that you also have sour grapes from the larger PS fanbase, as they were having to pay full whack to play.


So you end up with a game that is being derided by people who have at the very best a passing acquaintance with the actual gameplay itself, which is a shame.

More projection in this post than an entire chain of Cineworlds.

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I finally got this working after a month of an ignored bug by the dev (which turned out to be due to having a redirected my documents folder, we've literally fixed the problem for them and they still haven't acknowledged it). I finally start playing today, and wow. I'm 90% sure the people I'm playing with have never played L4D, 80% sure they've never played a shooter, and about 75% this is their first videogame. What on earth. The game itself continues to seem like good fun, the shooting feels nice and it runs well, but man. L4D randoms was pretty hellish but this is something else entirely. If you don't have 3 buds to play this with, don't even bother downloading it.

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