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Returnal - Do you see the White Shadow?


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19 hours ago, Sarlaccfood said:

Okay good to know cheers both.


What a turnaround this game is for me. I’ve gone from seeing how much I can get for it trade-in to thinking about it during work everyday and looking forward to getting into it every night with the headphones on. 

My journey exactly. I’d wager you’ll momentarily contemplate trading it in again before you beat it, but beat it you will.

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Beat biome 6 the other week - first boss attempt I died with the boss on its last sliver of health, but got my revenge the next time I got back there.


It’s funny how the game goes from feeling brutal (biome 1 and biome 3 for me) to being able to go around mopping everything up in those areas. It may have something to do with unlocking other weapons though…


Still loving this and continuing to explore.

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