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Nintendo Indie World! Tue 15 Dec, 5pm


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29 minutes ago, dug said:

Happy Game looks interesting. Like a David Firth animation in game form.


Sorry to quote myself, but I've just realised that it's by Amanita Design, the studio who did Machinarium, so I've gone from mildly interested to day one purchase guaranteed.

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I was busy being boring and saying 'Wow look at the state of that UI', but it was drowned out by my two girls losing their freaking minds over Calico.


A level of hype that can only equal Cyberpunk in its inevitable disappointment. Important life lesson to be learned so refreshing the eshop as we speak.

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Hands down THE most beautiful game of that presentation, and they showed fuck all of it, gutting for the studio, I'm in day 1, don't care if it's a visual novel even, it's giving me serious Studio Ghibli vibes and I'm in day 1, even if it's only digital :omg:

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