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Jonathon Creek


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Well I enjoyed that. Apart from the python eating the midget security guard bit, which was just stupid (and will no doubt recieve ridiculous complaints).

Hasn't Jonathan Creek always been far fetched though, it doesn't really seem a fair criticism. I liked the whole idea of a comma/harvest fly thing. Language has always been a nice aspect of the show, like in one of the early series where the clue lay in the use of an apostraphe, and even little quips about S being the 8th most common letter in the English language.

I'll happily sit and watch next week.

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The thing is that Renwick only wrote a certain amount of books, so as the demand for new shows has happened, he's had to make forced stories rather than clever ideas which have popped into his head. As a result, the 'mysteries' now tend to be many events which are linked together which cause the 'event' which needs to be solved - you get more subplots now, but as each are barely covered it's not worth it at all. In the first few series, you had just the *one* aspect of a trick to uncover, so you pieced all the clues together to get a result.

Now you just see mysteries which are impossible to get because of the way they're done. Humbug.

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I received the DVD set of series 1 and 2 from Play yesterday morning so have been watching a few of the old classic episodes.

The new one wasn't a patch on the earlier episodes, but it's still one of the best things on telly.

And Julia Sawahla does indeed have fantastic tits :angry:

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