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The Book of Boba Fett - December 2021, Disney +

Captain Kelsten

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33 minutes ago, kempstar said:

Which ones are which? Im 3 episodes deep and have thought they were all pretty good really.


The finale is god awful. 


The ones without Boba were good. 

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Almost gave up after 2eps but a friend said he was interested to hear my thoughts after seeing ep5 so I grinder it out and oh my, a glimpse of former glory.


instead of Rodriguez bashing, I’m just gonna send out some high-five vibes to Bryce Dallas Howard for smashing it in the directors chair. So great.

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The show has so much going for it and had so many stand out moments.


Could do with some tighter editing in places, but as an overarching story, character study, plot development and spectacle I preferred it to the procedural style of Mando at times.

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I've lots of thoughts on BoBF, but overall I think you'd fix a lot of issues by having it play out chronologically. 




There's a lot you could fix with a re-edit, I think. Chronological order for a start. Not much you can do about the Mods (*shivers in Aurebesh*) although I'd have a bloody good go at stripping them out completely.


There's not enough characterisation of either Boba or Fennec, but removing the Mando eps (for pacing purposes) and taking out some of the repetitive stuff like return trips to the casino and the Mayor's office, then cutting down the final episode's fight scenes to get rid of the jank, and it'd be 100% more enjoyable. 



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I mostly agree. Pull out those two Mando eps and set them aside. Then do all those edits and recutting chronologically that you discuss.


Then burn all that.


Then pick up those two Mando eps, and just watch them. 100% better. 😉


Seriously though, there is a decent Fett story to be told, and while this had plenty moments of it, it just lost its way and felt like it was missing a better crime-lord narrative thread. I don’t really mind the chronology, he just felt weak and gullible once in the role.


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On 17/02/2022 at 19:48, womblingfree said:

Episode 2 was by far my favourite. Boba reborn after being half-digested and left for dead. Then getting captured, proving himself then getting adopted by the sand-people, learning their ways, training them to protect themselves. And that David Lean inspired train attack was inspired. Then a fucking insane vision quest?? The way they weaved Tem’s Maori background into the whole thing was also pretty fantastic. That beats robo-Luke being a terrible teacher for me by quite some margin.


It’s Tem’s passion and honour at being given such an opportunity I love. Fully on display recently at this presentation by a local artist of a Maori themed Boba helmet. Fucking love the guy.













I've been to Rotorua. It's a lovely place that smells of eggs (It's the sulfur you see).

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the mad thing about that is that as soon as I realised Olyphant was in it, I saw the barkeep's pose at the bar and immediately had to check if it was indeed Dan Dority. How the fuck can I be quite bad at remembering face/name combinations but pick that out under the Star Wars alien gear?!

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