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Formula One 2021 - DRAMA - #Michael Messy

T Pot

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Feel a bit like luck of strategy took that from Lewis. All Mercedes’ could have done different was to pit during that virtual so Lewis had fresher tires. Or at least put his newer hards on. They couldn’t do anything else for the real safety. And that late call was chronic. 

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Just now, bradigor said:

Nah worse would have been ending it behind a safety car 


By the actual rules they had in place before the race, you mean?  Instead of making up new rules to make their Netflix show more popular?  Newly made-up rules that effectively handed the entire championship to a driver that wasn't going to catch his opponent on the day?


This is one of the most jaw-dropping injustices I've seen in sport.

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Just now, Gringo said:

That all seemed like a farcical end to me.


The sport is entirely farce, made up rules, egos, twats, slave labour, dodgy regimes, oil money, bullshit decisions and occasionally overtaking. 


If you're not enjoying every minute of it then I can't understand what sport you think you've been watching. 

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I’d really like to know how all those radio messages lined up with what we were seeing on the track. When they changed their minds etc. 



Hmm. Only a few cars allowed to unlap to force them to start like that? Because wasn’t Bottas right in front of Max? And he could have chosen not to unlap himself at all!


And to only unlap some cars so they can race, so the tire strategy for Mercedes’ is fucking burnt to a crisp, is fucking bullshit of the highest order. 

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