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It's 2021 soon. What is retro?


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Well, in fairness I did write "I play “e-sports” I hate the term". I also partake in "actual" physical sport, rather than just moving my thumbs. I don't really see darts or snooker as sport, perhaps competitive recreation? I don't see playing with my NHL hockey team as anything other than playing a game with friends, but there's sponsors in the league and quite a lot of people take it (themselves) [too] seriously, and so yeah, e-sports. But I'm going to steer us onto the mother of all tangents if I continue this thought so I'll stop.

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5 hours ago, Spoonman said:

Many thanks for this post, really enjoyed reading it! Also, I really agree with basically all points. But I suppose there’s some difference between vintage and retro? I mean, it’s only words, but I have say, a vintage watch, but a retro item might be something that was cool at the time, but apparently “sucks” now? Like flared trousers are retro (although coming back) but vintage clothing from 1930 isn’t really called retro. Perhaps games aren’t yet old enough to be vintage? Vintage is a wine-word anyway, some I’m not sure when it became acceptable to call simply old things “vintage”.


Slight segue here, but finishing off the thought, “the problem is me” regarding decent games since 360. I don’t even have a child to distract me from gaming, but if I think back to when i was younger, Shenmue was great but a bit of a slog (I haven’t tried 3), and all my favourite games were pretty much the arcade games on DC, Sonic on MD, Sega Rally, Wipeout 2097, and NiGHTS on Saturn. I can’t remember xbox too well, but I think that was Burnout and Splinter Cell? 360 era, entered HALO and COD and more amazing Splinter Cell. Also, the cave shooters, and I was living in Japan.


Anyway, massive rant and tangents, thanks for reading (if you did).



I am not sure that “retro” can just be anything old but has to be a particular style, but it’s a somewhat fluid term, depending on the age of the speaker. And since the 360 I have felt most games are almost the same, except PSVR which blew my mind. I like 2D shmups though, so you can basically ignore me.


I did read, thaks for yours. 😊


Well, if you're going to have Sonic the Hedgehog, Sega Rally and WipEout 2097 as all time greats, then you'll find no argument from me! Despite still adoring games, I will say that a lot of the early 3D era was developers creating boundaries and discovering genres, so there's no question that the 90's were a far more pioneering time than it is now. But a lot of the refinment we get, although iterative, is putting flesh on the bones of old concepts and I seem to appreciate it. Although like yourself, I don't play games anywhere near as much as I used to, so I tend to reach for well regarded games to not waste my time. Wheras as a kid, I had Edge under one arm and Rllmuk & NTSC-UK under the other, so I was spending every penny I had on new games.


Regarding the vintage / retro genre classification. We're a new art form so there's always going to be difficulty describing ours to others. For cars, we tend to just have new and classic, but even they veer into modern classics and vintage, so they don't have their mind made up either.


For me, I tend to think of all 2D and early 3D games as retro, but day to day, that never bothers me. I just simply ask; What do I fancy playing?

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I realised the other day that when a new arcade racer comes out I get excited, look forward to it and buy it.  But the weird reality is that I'm subconsciously not wanting a racing game.  I'm wanting Burnout 2.  When I play it, I'm evaluating whether I like it or not, but subconsciously I'm saying "is this playing like Burnout 2".  I'm wanting to relive a bygone era, and I just want something to be as good as these style games used to be.  


So it actually disturbs me a little when I fire up my Xbox Series X and realise that about half the titles installed are actually 360 titles.  I've played a few older Xbox One games with Frameboost, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit for example.  And I just picked up Burnout Revenge which is back compatible. 


But often I do think that Gaming is kind of leaving me behind.  There's so many games that are massive, sprawling epic games you can play for years. The GTA5 example above is a good one.  I played that to completion on 360 then PS4 but have no interest in the online side.  8 years later it's still one of the biggest games ever. But so many games don't inspire me, and my brand new console currently is running Ridge Racers 2 for PsP on an emulator and its glorious.  Its so weird that modern arcade racers often don't capture whatever the magic is of the originals.  Hot Shot Racing looks the business but it just doesn't feel right.  So I'll keep buying any arcade racer in the hope it captures the magic of the old games. But I wish they'd just rerelease Burnout 2 and have done with it.  It peaked back then.



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There's been next to nothing new gen wise that's interested me having bought an Xbox series X. The drive is full of OG / 360 and a scant selection of Xbox one titles. Although I do enjoy all the upscaling it brings. Online gaming and most modern titles just passes me by. Never had Xbox live.


I mean my recent purchases have been remastered versions of Alan wake, crysis and super monkey Ball. And I'm plowing though all the halos again so I can play a sequel to a 20 year old almost title I remember buying in my local game on launch day. 


And the HD remaster of Darius has come in for my PS4 today. 



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20 hours ago, dumpster said:

 But I wish they'd just rerelease Burnout 2 and have done with it.  It peaked back then.




Nothing wrong with that, the problem you've got there is you want something from AFTER games required decent sized teams, so the indie stuff probably isn't for you but still not what's commercially viable now.

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