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Midnight Fight Express

Lying Cat

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I had a look around for a thread about this one, but I couldn't find it - so since it's nearly 2021, and I'm positive I'll be releasing VERY EARLY ON in the year: -


Midnight Fight Express




The official blurb says this: -



Fight your way across the city in a brutal romp that mixes old school brawlers, fast-paced motion captured combat, customizable skills, and a challenge level inspired by Dark Souls.


... so yeah, looks like this going to be the Dark Souls of Indie Brawlers! God I hate this Dark Souls of X thing.


But ignoring that for a moment, I think the game looks pretty awesome - I suspect it's going to be heavily influenced by the Batman: Arkham Asylum series in terms of it's combat, which is no real bad thing as that was one of the absolute best bits of those games, and this might have more of that going on with none of that tedious shit that games don't need like atmosphere and story and stuff. 


It also looks like a fertile ground for digital dress up.


Anyway, I really like brawler games, so this is definitely getting slapped onto my wishlist.

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I suspect they slapped "Pre-Alpha Shiz, Yo" on the footage for a reason. I expect it'll be tidied up a fair bit by the time it probably comes out in 2023 or whatever. This game is going to live or die on it's "feel" obviously.


The OST seems pretty good too, and they posted up some previews (spoilered for size of two consecutive Youtube embeds): -



Part 1




Part 2




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