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Last 3 films you watched


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Panic Room - I want a one of these rooms! Highly enjoyable.

Intruder - Saw the cut version years ago, so it was long overdue that I finally get to see it in all it's uncut gory glory. Gotta love the band-saw death!

Freddy Vs Jason - Being a huge fan of both franchises I just needed (yet)another excuse to catch the match-up of the moment! Not as good as it could have been but the final showdown is just wonderful.

As a complete change of pace, I'll be watching Bus Stop & Brief Encounter this evening on Sky Cinema.

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Scary Movie 3 - Very dissapointing, after hearing how this was supposed to be the best of the series it just left me cold. Very unfunny

The Sum of All Fears - Average Tom Clancy movie, nowhere near as good as Clear and Present Danger or Patriot games.

LOTR: ROTK - Best film of 2003

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Blade: It's fast and it's fun. The final fight between Frost and Blade is aces. The CGI blood is horrible though. And I still prefer the second which is more OT and has Ron Perlman.

So Close: Think Charlie's Angels Hong Kong style. One of the best opening sequences I've ever seen in a film and it's just fun all the way. Scores extra points for having the lovely Vicky Zhao Wei in it.

Return of the King: Pissed on every movie released in 2003. From a great height. Jackson is the man.

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Bad boys 2

Rather cool, switch your brain off action film.

Film 4 - Evening Standard/C4 upcoming directors free DVD - forget name.

Very gritty look at life in a council estate with a single mum who meets an old flame and trys to hook up.

Very well made and contained a rather stomach churning scene featuring a Kebab.

Suicide Club

Only average film about a group of schoolkids who commit mass/suicide after listening to a J-pop band.

Good start (52 schoolkids jump in front of a train) and quite dark in parts but is ruined by a poor storyline.

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Scanners - WHAAOO WHAAOO WHAOO *POP* (thats my scanning sound effect BTW). Ace, cheesy film with some nice gore (especcially the end, Cronenberg's the man!).

Braindead - I have never seen a gorier film than this in my entire life. Absolutley hilarious in places and down-right disgusting in others. Best film I've seen in yonks. "I kick arse for the Lord!" :angry:

Blade 2 - I actually watched this 3 times in a row (for the different commentaries). Blade is such a cool character and Wesley Snipes was born for the role (I didn't know that Wes is a martial arts expert and in his commentary he was explaining how he helped to put the fight scenes together and he was naming all the moves he was pulling off. SWEET!).

What a gore-fest I've been indulging myself in the last couple of days. I think I'll move onto some soppy romances just to balance things out (or I could just watch Bad Taste again :P )

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Bad Taste - Jackson's directorial debut. Very silly, very gory alien invasion flick.

The Cooler - William H Macy is the world's worst gambler, employed by a vegas casino to spread his bad luck around the tables. Half love story, half a look at the dark underbelly of vegas. Horrifically violent in places, but still manages to give you that nice warm fuzzy feeling every now and then. A much more realistic portrayal of life in Vegas than we're normally afforded. Well worth a look.

Fargo - pure class from the coens.

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A fantastic bit of Arnie action. Deadly serious, in a fun sort of way.

The Verdict:

Without question the slowest film I've ever seen. The story of an alcoholic lawyer (Paul Newman) who suddenly gets a conscience crisis, when representing a girl who's been disabled by hospital neglegence. Cue an interesting court battle but whilst I don't want to give anything away, the end may leave you thinking...why?

Matrix Revolutions:

What an end. Snubbed by the Oscars, abandoned by it's fair weather fans, and sliced up by the critics, there is no question the Matrix trilogy has gone from rise to fall, but thankfully, the quality just continued on the up and up (oh yes, IMO, wouldn't want to go there in this thread :angry: ). A sterling soundtrack, the most breath taking fantasy war depiction in cinematic history, and an end fight so spectacular, no film has yet grazed it's bottom.

It's amazing they managed to end the trilolgy on such a wholly satisfactory note. Dark, remorsefull, unpredictable (as highlighted by the sheer number of speculations on just how it would end, turning out to be completely wrong), satisfying and brave. Revolutions ended the Matrix saga in very much the spirit it began, laced with possibilities, and full of fresh ideas.

Anyway, it was far and away my film of 2003, closely followed by: Reloaded :P

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Sliver - Recorded off Sky and actually about three quarters of the way through and it's a bit shit really. Want to see the end of see how it finishes but I ain't that fussed.

Training Day - Simply awesome! If you haven't seen it, check it out.

Flatliners - Not seen it in years but still fantastic. God only knows how much crap Kiefer Sutherland did to himself to age so badly now.

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School of Rock - Extremely entertaining, light-hearted fun. Songs performed in it are genuinely excellent.

Sum of all Fears - Bought it on DVD as I'd already watched it in the cinema. It's a shame that it cuts out pretty much most of the developments in the book, which is a really good read. John Clark/Kelly is also a bit of a wuss, compared to how I imagined him in all the books.

The Recruit - Dark and paranoia-inducing. Classic.

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Last three would have been:

Scary Movie 3: Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Really shit. Completely utterly crap. Best of the 3 my ass. Painfully bad. Totally unfunny. Avoid at all costs.

Hope Springs: Perfectly acceptable, not a classic by any means, completely watchable though and with the added bonus of the lovely Heather Graham (and the even better bonus of the lovely Heather Graham dancing about in her undies).

Ghost Ship: Not too bad. Not great. Not super scary, but OK. Worth watching if you're lost for something to watch on Sky Box Office (as I was hence this and Hope Springs - oh, but if you don't have Adaptation sitting around on DVD anyway then book that one straight away as it's brilliant!).

Nothing great in those three, however the three I saw before that were:

Lost in Translation: Brilliant.

School of Rock: Excellent.

Big Fish: Not what I expected, took some time to get into it, still a very good film though and I like to watch it again some time (and not straight after drinking a bottle of wine next time).

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Belleville rendez-vous: I really liked this and it looked really nice, I didn't really want to pay full price for it on DVD though.

Donnie darko: It's one of those films that i could watch over and over, THis is my sixth or seventh time now.

Lost in translation: Amazing, Film of the year so far.

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Trilogy One - First of three films each in a different genre, where parts of the story link together. This was pretty good, I can see now from the description of the second one how it will link in yet be completely different, look forward to seeing it.

Dead or Alive 2 - Takashi Miike is a fucking genius. The start, where a guy acts out a gang war with 3 packs of cigarettes is especially good :angry:

Go Con Japanese Love Culture - this was pretty good, about a few friends who set up a group date with a different group of women in the same restaurant each week. amusing in places, nice happy ending too.

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Ju On - At first it came across as a hammy, made for TV schlock fest but there is something incredibly creepy about it. possibly the creepiest film I have ever seen. it made me sleep with the light on for the first time ....actually ever I think.

Nausicaa - Recently re-released on DVD it has been cleaned up and looks like it was made yesterday. Not as epic as the manga but it is a charming and poignant film nonetheless.

Barry Lyndon - Not the minor Kubrick work i was expecting but a beautifully shot film which perhaps doesn't take itself seriously enough. It is long but never drags and has some truly powerful moments.

The narration and Ryan O'Neals 'Barry' are a little too superficial at first, but once the generral sweep of the movie kicks in you can understand their inclusion, even if you don't necessarily agree with it, it sets a rather unique tone.

The two actors that play Lord Bullingdon, man and boy, steal the movie.

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City of God. If I had seen this last year, it could have been the best film of the year for me.

Identity. Cool premise but after the twist, I stopped caring about the characters.

Last Samurai: Thoroughly enjoyed it. Very good.

Also - saw the 2nd Series of the Office tonight. Never seen it before, never seen the first series but I loved it.

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