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Favourite Radiohead song, just one


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For my other 3 favourite bands/artists i do have an absolute favourite, but for Radiohead i could pick 20. Maybe because i listened to Idioteque to death. I listened to Morning Bell recently and it was like i never realised how extremely good it was. The discordant schizophrenic mania that builds at 2 minutes then suddenly disappears into 'cut the kids in half' has to be one of their greatest transitions.


I'll go with Knives Out, so much melancholic brilliance, its flow is like Radiohead are operating on a different plane to other bands who might try to evoke something similar but get nowhere near.



I also really love Where I End And You Begin which i think is underrated by fans. I don't think it's likely to come up in these pick a favourite track topics. Or be high on their best tracks lists, but i've not checked one recently.



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Planet Telex. That atmospheric intro with the sustained piano chords, Phil Selway's propulsive beat, the pause in the rhythm section as the guitar riff and vocal kick in, Thom Yorke's  delivery measured yet heavy with angst, delivering line after line in the second person (all the best songs are in the second person), the "everything is broken" refrain encapsulating not only the record but Radiohead's entire oeuvre. There are many more sophisticated songs than it but it's my favourite. 

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7 hours ago, Loik V credern said:

Just seen this, Thom Yorke's alternative Hail To The Thief track listing from waste 2008.

>there there

>the gloaming

>sail to the moon

>sit down. stand up

>go to sleep





>a wolf at the door


That omits:



We Suck Young Blood

I Will

A Punchup at a Wedding


Apart from I Will, those are among the longest tracks on the album (5:22, 4:56, 4:57), so cutting them would make a significant difference to the running time.


Especially We Suck Young Blood. I like it (I always think of it as Radiohead making fun of their reputation for being gloomy and miserable, so they made the most over the top funereal song they could!), but there's no doubt that it slows down the album and is one of the reasons it feels so long. I'd be OK with making it a B-side and putting it on Com Lag.


I wouldn't wanna lose Punchup, though. 


While we're at it, maybe cut out a few repetitions of "the raindrops" from Sit Down Stand Up too? :eyebrows:

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I listened to the Thom playlist. It really works, well done Thom! ;) Maybe it's just me though but once I've heard tracks dozens of times placed in an album sequence i can't not associate it with a feeling of something beginning or something ending. Or maybe there's just something inherent in the sound of a track that feels it. Scatterbrain for instance can't be at the beginning, neither can Wolf At The Door. 


I always find Sail To The Moon too early in the album and Myxomatosis too late. By track 3 I'm just not in the mood for the Sail to The Moon and by track 12 too tired to enjoy Myxomatosis. I think it would be rated higher by fans if it wasn't just wedged in there. It definitely feels like a late track and works well with Scatterbrain but i don't think it works with Punch Up at all except in being a surprise. Punch Up too is another i think more fans would like if you weren't too tired by that point to enjoy it. 


Myxomatosis into Wolf At The Door really works. There There as an opener I'm not sure, it builds but it's the best track on the album, the emotional cathartic peak and it feels like you should gain your way there. 


I went through the album again. I decided on this


1. 2+2=5

2. Myxomatosis

3. The Gloaming

4. There There 

5. Sail To The Moon

6. A Punchup at a Wedding

7. Where I End and you Begin

8. Backdrifts

9. Go To Sleep

10. I Will

11. Sit Down Stand Up

12. Scatterbrain

13. A Wolf at the Door


I think Sail To The Moon suits being in the middle of the album, and Punch Up too. A little breather after the first 4. Then for the album to pick up again. 


I guess if it's necessary to cut out more tracks, cut out Backdrifts and I Will. Sit Down and Stand Up starts like an early track but ends pretty exhaustingly. Even at 13 tracks it'd still be shorter than OK Computer. 

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Leaving aside that I don't understand how you got upvotes earlier for listing multiple songs in a "pick one song" thread, I approve of editing Hail To The Thief. Here's the track list for my "Hail, Thief" CD which I pretty much always listen to in place of the proper album:


1. Sit down. Stand up

2. Sail to the moon

3. Where I end and you begin

4. The gloaming

5. I Will (Los Angeles version)

6. There, there

7. Paperbag writer

8. Myxomatosis 

9. Scatterbrain

10. A wolf at the door

11. Where bluebirds fly


(Tracks 5, 7 and 11 are from Com Lag). The proper album is their only incoherent record, in my opinion, and you have to sacrifice some stuff to make it make sense. Pick a direction to take it, basically.

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