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Games where you fight with a pole


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I don't know know any of these games but please keep em coming.


8 hours ago, PK said:


What are the eight diagrams of?


I have absolutely no idea but at the end of the film, there's one of the greatest ever mass brawls in any film (seriously, no exaggeration) and he throws half a broken pole into a guy's gut and kills him presumably and then twats the end that's sticking out with another pole (from memory) and the half-pole pierces straight through the guy and shoots into another guy's gut and presumably kills him, as well! 


You can probably imagine why I was like fuccckkkkkinnn pooooolllle noowwwwww. 

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Gunbird if you play as Yuan-Nang. Really generous range on that thing and it feels like cheat mode once you get used to the rhythm.




I guess you're looking for something where you you feel more overpowered though rather than constantly bighting your nails.

Someone's already mentioned Dynasty Warriors, that'd be non-stop pole goals all night long.

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