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Ghosts 'n Goblins Resurrection


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I’ve finished my Squire run now with all Bees, wasn’t too bad at all TBH.


Feel like the real version of GnG is going to start now as it’s going to be the first time I really dig into the shadow stages. Actually really looking forward to them having played the original levels multiple times now.


I love some of the level design. Stage 4 in particular is a real lesson in controlling your play.


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I can confirm that the shadow stage difficulties are relative, so if anyone is struggling with the shadow stages of Knight then a Squire run may be a better option.


For those that have finished the game, I’d personally consider the shadow stages considerably different to the original to warrant another playthrough.

Bees are now hidden in chests so you need to find and break all chests. My mooch of the first stage resulted in me finding 10 of 16 Bees, so I missed a significant chunk compared to my first run where I only missed 1 or 2 on each level.

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Did a mooch of the 2nd level of the shadow stages and again came out with 10/16 bees


I’ve bought the treasure finder magic now, which should be a big help. I used it in one section and wow the location the chest was hidden in was devious.


Yea, Squire is a lot more easy going. I did like digging into Knight to get through but given what the game wants you to I’m happier with something more straight forward. I think they probably should have had trophies for finishing the harder difficulties because as it stands there’s no reason to play them other than for your own sense of achievement. 

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Done all the shadow stages apart from the last one now but missed loads of bees. The zone 3 stage has like 38 to find!!


I’ve resorted to a guide as I’ve noticed bees are now a random drop in a chest, which is a bit harsh for multiple reasons; 1 being that you’re not sure if one you’re missing IS a chest drop and 2 it’s random so you can play the level and NOT get the drop. The 2nd point may stop me going for the platinum. I also bought the bee net which is a pretty essential purchase for getting some bees as some are super awkward to catch.


I’ve really enjoyed the variation on the levels from the shadow stages too, definitely worth another play.


Also, someone mentioned earlier in the thread but it is true…When you play on Knight difficulty and die the default menu option for Respawning is the area start flag, not the mid flag. So a rage induced mash of a restart will put you much further back. Such an hilarious troll! :D

I’m starting to wonder about the true ending now too. I assumed it was collecting all demon orbs but one thing that has me interested is that there are black and red chests scattered around. Destroying one one them releases another type of wizard, which if you kill will spawn an essence that files away and you hear a long distance destruction sound. No idea what these are for but wondered if it was ending related.

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