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Resident Alien - Alan Tudyk tv show

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Couldn't find a thread, apologies if there is one!


So, stumbled on this today, didn't know anything about it, read the blurb -


"After crash-landing on Earth, an alien takes on the identity of a small-town Colorado doctor and wrestles with the moral dilemma of his secret mission"


saw it had Alan Tudyk in and thought what the hell!


First ep...good! dont wanna give much away, but its fun. :)


Looks like it could be Sky in the UK, or ya know , the high seas!

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Literally just finished episode 1. 


I may be biased cos Tudyk is bloody marvellous generally. 


Pretty damn good tbh, yes I can see how it can be a procedural and I think that's part of the joke as well. But yeah Tudyk was great and it's quite funny. 


There is a cringeworthy drunken bar scene mind, but that's the only low point. 


Did not know that the original comic was written by Peter Hogan and Steve Parkhouse. I bloody love Parkhouse art. 


Buying that. 

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First episode made me chuckle a few times, and Tudyk is excellent as an awkward alien in human skin. My favourite moments were his unintended burns, such as the ones about Big Black and Mayor Snowflake. There’s obviously going to be some saccharine ‘so humans do have value!’ moments in the future, but hopefully those feel earned and won’t come to dominate. 

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Anyone still watching this?


I'm finding the last few episodes quite the decline - the switch back to humanity extermination obsessed alien feels like it's knocked the show back. And undone the "growth" of first few episodes (without any real trigger).

The fun of seeing humanity through an outsiders eyes has gone and while there's dark humour in no one knowing what they're helping occur, it just doesn't feel as good .(Although the cast was working their assess  off)


Although this in the latest episode did kill me



Harry: It stopped being a secret when you told your little friend over there in the head covering!
Max: She must have followed me. Don't worry. She's not going to tell anyone. She swore to Allah.
Harry: Allah knows?! How many people have you told?!


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I’m still enjoying it. I don’t think there’s been any significant decline, as they did show he was still searching for his ship, but I think you need to approach it from the perspective of someone on holiday. By that I mean that you may be charmed by local foibles and intrigued by their customs, but in a period of time you’ll be returning to your old life and little changed by the experience bar some possibly interesting stories. For Harry, that’s all this is. He’s enjoyed some aspects of human relationships and emotions, but nothing has touched him deep enough to cancel his flight or look into a visa. So far. 


One problem I had with the latest episode is that it’s the first time I’ve experienced character serving plot, and was pretty jarring. Specifically...



Darcy breaking into Harry’s cabin. Ok, a stretch, but I’ll go with it. Darcy then bashing the lock off his freezer, though? Yes, she knows something’s being kept from her, but unless she thinks Asta is helping Harry murder people, wtf was she expecting to find? It only happened so she could discover the body.


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I found this refreshingly silly and it all felt a bit like an 80s film stretched out a but, and I mean that in a good way. 
In this day and age where we get so many series with deeper meanings, based on reality or gritty af this was something I could put on while having dinner with the family and we would all be entertained. 
Unless we’ll see radical changes in future seasons, it might be forgotten before long but at least it raised a few chuckles for me while it lasted.

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