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Goldeneye Xbox 360 remake leaked


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Don’t own the requisite hardware so can’t play this, but just watched some footage on the ‘Tube. It looks and moves like Goldeneye 007 does in your memories. Well, before you have said memories crushed by the reality of how muddy and low frame rate it really was on the N64.

Shame rights issue buried it from commercial release, really.

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Just blasted through this on agent difficulty on the xenia emulator with an xbox one pad. Much more enjoyable when you're not battling against frame rates dipping into single figures at times. I'll start up a secret agent run tomorrow I think and see how I get on. The gameplay itself has aged really well with the frame rate always being the biggest

issue for me. The game becomes much easier to aim when its silky smooth.


Can't say I liked the new updated graphics though. Looks like a pc mod with hi-res textures on low polygon models. Luckily you can push the bumper to immediately switch between old and new graphic styles. I'd recommend anyone remotely interested to give it a try. Doesn't require any messing about setting it up either.


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So I acquired this and Xenia for my rig, which should run it, but it just loads to a black screen and sound effects and music. If I click buttons I can hear it running through menus and the game starting. I can hear the dam level load, but the screen is totally black.



Intel i5

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970

8 gig RAM


I upgraded the NVDIA drivers, fully. Even registering their stupid GameForce crap, since at first the emu just crashed. After updating it booted fine, just the black screen (and defaulted to Vulkan).


Some weird stuff:


It boots under the Vulkan renderer. Forcing it to boot under D3D12 renderer causes it to crash on start up (which means that Xenia checked my system settings and couldn't operate under them). So I check my GPU under my ASUS GPU tweaking program, and it says it's only DirectX 11.2 or something. It's not DX12. What the heck? This card is def able to run DX12, the NVIDIA website and multiple blogs say so! Also D3D12 renderer is more stable for Xenia.


So, the emu crashes under D3D12 due my rig thinking it can't run DX12.


Which leaves me stuck with the Vulkan renderer.


Except, for some insane reason, I've found multiple people online have the same problems running Vulkan compatible games or tech demos on a GTX 970. Black screen and audio, but no screen. Random example.


I am so close I can almost taste the bullets. Can anyone offer advice on how to either force my computer to realise it is in fact a DX12 capable system, or help with getting the Vulkan renderer to work, since at least it boots up under Vulkan.


Maybe I should just get a modded 360. I've wanted one for years to make use of all the XBLIG demo I have. Maybe I should look into that. Maybe find someone who I could chat with privately about getting such a machine. Maybe... :eyebrows:



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There are noticeable bugs: level three the run way, loads of guards came running at me with no guns. They then just stood there facing away. Happened s few times.


Level two: the scientist didn't give the door decoder first time round.


It's still a great game though and I'll be play a lot more today .


Thing is, if you have a decent pc you can play the original at 60fps 1080p on an emu. It looks great.

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Been playing a few hours of this. I stuck on the perfect dark remaster. I really think Goldeneye is a much better single player. It's just way more fun. Better pacing and tighter levels. 


The variety in the levels is brilliant. The dam plays completely differently to say facility. The silo run under a timer plays different to that too.



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